Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vienna IV, Vienna, Austria, March 7-9 2014

Vienna IV, Vienna, Austria, March 7-9 2014
  • R1: THBT NGOs/charities should not accept donations from organizations that contradict their aims
  • R2: In situations where it's not possible to achieve both aims and the decision lies with the doctor, THBT doctors should prioritize prolonging life over the quality of that life
  • R3: THBT that Vienna should devote Ottakring to immigrants from Eastern Europe (i.e.: An Eastern European 'Chinatown') Context: Ottakring is a neighbourhood with a high percentage of immigrants, particularly from former Yugoslavia.
  • R4: THBT the US and the EU should support a Russian annexation of Crimea in exchange for an otherwise independent Ukraine
  • R5: Info: the “Thirst Games” is a reality tv show in which contestants compete against each other and battle to the death. The games continue until only one contestant remains alive and that person wins fame, glory and riches.Motion: Assuming participants have consented freely and in full knowledge of the risks and possible consequences, THW allow its citizens to participate in the “Thirst Games”
  • R6: TH supports nations marketing themselves as destinations for ‘good time tourism’ (for the purpose of this debate, good time tourism refers to every form of tourism that satisfies human desires and is generally forbidden in the West (prostitution, drugs)  
  • Quarter: Given a machine that can predict a person's life 95% accurately, THW not use it
  • Semi: THBT media aimed at children should reject the "happily ever after" model and show a more realistic picture
  • Final: THBT no state, in any situation, has the right to demand, encourage or promote its citizen to fight or die for their country

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