Thursday, June 26, 2014

Manchester IV, Manchester, England, February 22-23 2014

Manchester IV, Manchester, England, February 22-23 2014
  • R1: THBT US media should not report any details about school shootings beyond the fact that they happened
  • R2: THBT all international peacekeeping operations in Africa should be carried out solely by African troops.
  • R3: Info slide - Menstrual activism is a movement which seeks to examine social attitudes towards menstruation through artistic performances such as wearing menstrual blood. Motion: TH supports menstrual activism.
  • R4:THW ban holocaust denial
  • Open Quarters: Info slide: There are segregated economic zones in Riyadh where only women are allowed to work. This means that normal rules that apply to women's daily activity can be relaxed i.e. they enjoy greater economic rights in these zones. Motion: TH supports the creation of women only economic zones in Saudi Arabia
  • ESL Final: THW support a strict disciplinarian education system, as long as it makes students perform better
  • Semi Final: THB African-American civil rights organisations should condemn capitalism
  • Novice Final: TH regrets the use of nationalism by colonial liberation movements (e.g. the Indian National Congress, Sinn Fein).
  • Final: The technology exists to allow people to selectively erase their memories without any physical side effects.Motion: THW allow individuals to selectively erase their own memories

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