Monday, June 16, 2014

Hong Kong Pre-Australs 2014

Hong Kong Pre-Australs 2014, Motions

Round 1: Drugz, Gunz and Sex
1. This house would criminalize the act of selling drugs but treat users as victims
2. This house would not allow the police to bear lethal weapons.
3. This house believes that schools should encourage male and female students to masturbate as a healthy practice

Round 2: International Relations
1. Modi should offer to send Indian troops to replace NATO troops in Afghanistan
2. THBT the West should freeze the assets of the Royal Family of Brunei and their cronies as punishment for the imposition of Shariah Law
3. Regardless of FIFA's endorsement, THBT the US should host an alternative World Cup to Qatar’s in 2022.

Round 3: Media
1. THW ban the practice of contracting freelance journalists and photographers in conflict-affected areas
2. Individuals or media companies who publish any negative claims, regardless of truth, against incumbent politicians, should be immune from suit
3. THW ban all media references to post-pregnancy weight loss

Round 4: Immigration
1. THBT Hong Kong should not extend citizenship to children born in Hong Kong whose parents are not Hong Kong citizens
2. THBT developed countries should subsidize classes for second-generation migrants to learn their parents’ native language
3. THBT the middle class educated youth in China have a duty to stay and reform the system instead of migrating to developed countries

Round 5: Development
1. THBT electronic direct cash transfers to poor people are preferable to the public distribution of food, fuel, fertilizer, and other welfare-in-kind goods
2. THW institute strict quotas on the amount of electronic waste countries can export
3. THBT the state should place baby hatches in accessible areas, where people can leave babies anonymously

Quarter Finals: Military
1. THW not rescue fallen or captured soldiers if it risks more lives
2. THBT retired or active military officers should not be allowed to stand in general elections
3. THBT the Coalition of the Willing that invaded Iraq in 2003 should stage another military intervention to defeat ISIS and reclaim the areas seized by the militants

Semi Finals: Social Justice
1. As a Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi should use her political capital to consistently condemn the violence against the Rohingya
2. THBT in countries where women do not have the option to terminate their pregnancy, the state should cover all pregnancy-related costs
3. In democracies where majority of the population subscribe to a religion, THBT the state should provide free media air time for atheists

Grand Final
1. THBT the Hong Kong government should allow foreign domestic helpers to apply for permanent residence after seven years of stay.
2. THBT Hong Kong should make it illegal for its citizens to deny the Tian An Men Square Massacre
3. THBT UNESCO should have turned down China’s application to include records of the Nanjing Massacre and Chinese comfort women — withSharmila Parmanand and 6 others at City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學.

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