Friday, June 27, 2014

TechOpen, Haifa, Israel, May 30-31 2014

TechOpen, Haifa, Israel, May 30-31 2014
  • R1: THW implement a full ban on burqas
  • R2: Info: In recent years, Hungary has severely limited freedom of speech and freedom of the press, has silenced opposition groups, and condoned widespread discrimination of the LGBT community and the Roma minority. Motion: TH, as the European Union, would suspend Hungary's EU-membership if they do not reform within a set period of time.
  • R3: Info: Hamsterdams are non-residential areas in which drug users and dealers are legally allowed to buy, sell, and use drugs. Any drug related activity outside such
  • Hamsterdams remains illegal. Motion: THW create Hamsterdams in cities with a high level of drug use
  • R4: Info: Virtual child pornography is a very realistic appearing computer generated depiction of a minor engaging in sexual acts. In the USA, Germany, and Australia (among others) virtual child pornography is banned. Motion: THW allow virtual child pornography
  • Semi: Info: In Star Trek, the Prime Directive prohibits space travels missions’ personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. It was designed primarily for encounters with alien civilizations deemed to be less advanced. In the future, when human kind develops space travel capabilities, Motion: THW Implement the Prime Directive
  • Final: TH, as the Palestinian people, would launch a Third Intifada

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