Thursday, June 26, 2014

Royal Holloway Open, London, England, March 16 2014

Royal Holloway Open, London, England, March 16 2014
This tournament allowed first props to pick their motions. The results:
  • R1: TH, as the North of England, would violently secede from the UK.
  • R1: THW allow people to ascertain their lifespan via the 'Bethesda' device.
  • R1: In a Battlestar Galactica-themed scenario (where humanity is drifting in space), THW ban abortion.
  • R1: TH supports feminist vigilante groups in India.
  • R1: THBT when secession referenda are called, the nation that is being seceded from should get a chance to vote the smaller country out
  • R1: THW create a market in internal organs
  • R1: THBT all erroneous information used in debates should be penalised by judges
  • R1: TH, as a wizard, would create a horcrux
  • R1: THW force countries to invest in a global space program
  • R2: THW require all businesses to be owned and run as cooperatives
  • R2: THW ban the production, sale, and use of Poké Balls
  • R2: THW enter the Matrix
  • R2: TH supports unmanned aerial vehicles in warfare
  • R2: THW introduce a UK constitution giving courts more power.
  • R2: THBT parents should advise daughters against heavy drinking to avoid sexual assault.
  • R2: THW eliminate copyright and patenting
  • R2: TH, as Germany, would ban all emission vehicles by 2020
  • R2: THW disproportionately teach colonialism in schools
  • R3: TH regrets the rise of drinking initiations in universities
  • R3: TH supports the marriage of Ron and Hermione
  • R3: THW allow "Just following orders" as a defence
  • R3: THW ban advertising
  • R3: THW forcibly plug everyone into Nozick's experience machine
  • R3: TH does not regret internet piracy
  • R3: It is 2017. This house is the Out campaign. THW spread hyperbolised information and lies about the EU in order to win the referendum
  • R3: THBT colonialism caused more good than harm
  • R3: THW force men and women to take equal maternity and paternity leave
  • R4: TH, as Marcus Brutus, would participate in the conspiracy to kill Caesar
  • R4: TH prefers 'an eye for an eye' in modern society
  • R4: TH welcomes the advent of emerging genetic enhancements on the human body
  • R4: THBT feminists should oppose global capitalism
  • R4: It is 1951, during the Korean War. TH, as the US, would aggressively nuke China
  • R4: THW tie minimum wage increases to increases in the income of the 1%
  • R4: THW institute a lottery system whereby Olympic ticket purchasers may be drafted in as athletes
  • R4: In a world with superheroes, THW institute a superhero register
  • R4: There is a zombie outbreak where 1% of the world is infected. They are all kept in a pen at great expense. We have a vaccination, and the other 99% are vaccinated - they will not be zombified, but the 1% are still dangerous, and there is no cure. Motion: THW kill the 1%
  • Final: TH prefers the abolition of pornography to the nationalisation of pornography.

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