Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prepared Motions for Thailand WSDC 2014

Dear all,

Apologies for the slight delay in releasing these motions but I am sure you can all appreciate the unusual circumstances. 

However, I am now very pleased to be able to announce the following prepared preliminary motions for WSDC Thailand:

Round 1: THBT post-revolution states should delegate trials of former rulers and high-ranking officials to the International Criminal Court.

Round 3: THW allow prisoners to volunteer for drug trials in exchange for lighter sentences.

Round 5: THBT slum tourism does more harm than good.

Round 7: THW lift tax exemptions from religious institutions that refuse to recognize marriage equality.

(As always, rounds 2.4.6.and 8 will be impromptu debates)

These motions were prepared by the 2013/14 WSDC Motions Committee and verified by two external, independent checkers.

The Motions Committee is just finalising the wording of the Grand Final motion and it will be released very soon.

I'd like to thank all the members of this year's committee for their time and hard work preparing these motions.

Best wishes


Chair, Tournament Executive Committee

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