Thursday, June 26, 2014

Glasgow Women’s, Glasgow, Scotland, March 3 2014

Glasgow Women’s, Glasgow, Scotland, March 3 2014
  • R1: THW abolish trial by jury
  • R2: Info slide: At present, UK broadcasters (TV, radio) and the UK press (newspapers) are regulated differently. Broadcasters are required to remain impartial when reporting on political matters, especially in the lead up to elections and referenda. The press, however, is free to be partisan, and newspapers often back candidates, advocate for political parties and hire politicians as columnists.Motion: THW allow UK broadcasters to be politically partisan in the reporting of current events
  • R3: THW allow parents to remove their children from specific classes at school (such as sports, religious studies, sex education and science) on moral, religious or political grounds
  • R4: THW never subject international treaties to popular referenda
  • Final: Info slide: The disposition matrix, or 'kill list', is a complex grid of suspected terrorists to be traced and then extrajudicially targeted in drone strikes or captured and interrogated. This list includes US citizens and foreign nationals with links to international terrorism. Motion: TH supports Barack Obama's 'Kill List'

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