Thursday, October 30, 2014

1st Macau BP Debate Open 2014

1st Macau BP Debate Open 2014

Round 1
This house would impose a sin tax on meat products.

Round 2
This house believes that all Macau high school students should undergo the same compulsory military training currently being imposed in Mainland China.

Round 3
This house would ban negative advertising campaigns by rival companies against their competitors
(Samsung vs Apple, Coke vs Pepsi).

Round 4
This house would no longer award the Nobel Peace Prize.

Round 5
This house would ban professional athletes who are criminally convicted from any involvements in all professional sports.

Quarter Finals
This house believes that the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong has failed

Semi Finals
In a democracy, This house would revoke access to healthcare from citizens who do not vote.

THBT children should be allowed to opt to leave their parents' home and choose to be taken care of by the state even if they are not suffering from any physical or psychological abuse by their parents.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NBC World Schools Invitational, Holy Cross School, New Orleans, LA October 2014

Round One : This House would make voting in national elections compulsory.

Round Two: This House believes that Internet users should be required to use their real names.

Round Three : This House supports media censorship during a time of political crisis.

Round Four: This House believes that we should grant overweight people the same protections from discrimination as other vulnerable groups.

Round Five: This would make financial literacy a requirement to access welfare.

Round Six: This House would pay teachers based on the academic performance of their students.

Round Seven: This House believes that public services are best run by private companies

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

San Diego State University October 2014

1) THS Ecoterrorist activities carried out directly against politicians and captains of industry that thwart attempts to address global climate change. 

2) THW out atheist politicians who conceal their unbelief. 

3) THW end the USA's military drone program. 

4) THW require faculty to include trigger warnings when covering topics that may cause trauma to students. 

5) THBT America has a moral obligation to accept all Central American refugees under age 18. 

S)THBT China should abandon the one country two systems policy. 

F) When it comes to working with Muslim allies, this house believes the West should work only with Sunni groups and countries in its bid to defeat ISIS.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Yale IV October 2014

1. TH opposes the American Charter School Movement.

2. TH would cooperate with any leader or regime to defeat non-state actors that systematically violate human rights.

3. This house regrets the rise of dating and other websites that allow people to rate others based on past romantic interactions (e.g. LuLu)

4. TH believes that institutional art credentials are bad for art.

5. TH, as an emerging democracy, would supress domestic media in favor of international media.

6. This House believes that universities and other stakeholders should primarily consider teaching ability rather than research output when awarding tenure and allocating academic funding.

Quarter-Finals - THW facilitate religous proselytization in areas of high socio-economic deprivation.

Semi Finals - THS the use of forced population transfers that create separate, ethnically homogeneous states as a solution to prolonged ethnic conflict.

Final - THBT, in the face of police repression, protesters have a right to non-lethal, but violent, proportional retaliation.

Europen Prepared Motions

Motions for EurOpen 2014:

Motion A:
THBT national central banks should set limits on governmental spending

Motion B:
THBT the USA should enter a military alliance with Assad to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Air Force/Colorado College September 2014

Hosted by US Air Force Academy & Colorado College, September, 2014


1. THW make those who keep the private information of others in databases liable for damages caused by security breaches.
2. THW give the World Health Organization the power to close borders.
3. THBT the USA government should provide a guaranteed livable income to those in poverty.
4. THBT we should grant overweight people the same protections from discrimination as other vulnerable groups.
5. TH welcomes the entrance of large numbers of robots into the workforce.
6. THBT US military intervention in the Middle East is a greater threat than Islamic fundamentalism.
7. Quarters THW support Elizabeth Warren over Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president.
8. Semis THBT micro-finance organizations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively to women.
9. Finals THBT economic sanctions on Russia relating to the situation in Ukraine will be counter-productive.

Monday, September 8, 2014

9th HKSDPSC Senior Debating Championships

9th HKSDPSC Senior Debating Championships @ GSIS.
Preliminary: Sat 20th September 2014 8am to 5pm
Grand Finals: Tue 30th September 2014 4.30 pm to 9pm
Format: World Schools Style Debating (6 min speeches, 3 min reply speeches)
Round 1: Impromptu (to be released on the day)
Round 2: THW tax e-cigarettes
Round 3: THS the use of drone strikes in the Middle East
Quarters: Impromptu (to be released on the day)

Semis: THBT developing countries should support commercial surrogacy 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

EUDC 2014 Zagreb Croatia

EUDC 2014, Zagreb, Croatia


1This house would pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child’s performance in school.
2This house supports two-party political systems over multi-party political systems.
3This house would ban international aid charities from using senational, graphic, or overly-emotional images of suffering in fundraising and advertising campaigns.
4This house believes that EU member states should nationalise all their oil and gas resources in order to surrender total ownership and control of them to an EU-run energy agency.
5This house believes that states of the former Yugoslavia should not commemorate the events of the Yugoslav Wars.For the purposes of this debate, ’Commemoration’ refers to state-supported national celebration or mourning of historical events or people.
6This house would introduce blind voting.Blind voting means voters indicate a series of preferences for policies rather than directly selecting a party. These preferences are then matched to the policies of political parties⁏ the voter is taken to have voted for the party that most closely matches their preferences.
7This house would require of police departments that the ethnic composition of their arrests match the ethnic composition of the population in their jurisdiction.
8This house believes that micro-finance organisations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively to women.Micro-Finance’ refers to small, long-term loans with no or extremely low interest rates, provided to individuals who seek to start a business.
9This house believes that states should hold binding national referendums on major peace agreements.
ESL Tie break motionThis house would make membership in a labour union compulsory for every worker.
ESL Quarter FinalThis house would require companies to place images of animal suffering on all products or food whose production harmed or killed animals.
ESL Semi FinalThis house believes that leaders of minority religions in Europe should strongly encourage their congregations to refrain from public displays of their faith.
ESL Final
Open Quarter FinalThis house believes that supreme/constitutional courts should not have the power to strike down legislation.
Open Semi FinalThis house believes that the United States of America should invade, and forcibly partition Iraq.
Open FinalThis House believes that feminist movement should oppose military interventions which claim to further women's rights

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beihang World Debate Academy, July 2014, Beijing, China




This House would support “Tiger Parenting.” (Tiger Parenting is strict, demanding and pushes children to high levels of achievement.) PRACTICE 1



THW legalize the sale and purchase of human organs practice 4

THW ban companies from advertising their products in a sexualized manner practice 5


THBT digital communication is more important to humanity than face-to-face contact. PRACTICE 7

THW close all "after-school" cram schools RD 2

THW abolish all restrictions on immigration between Hong Kong and Mainland China RD 3

THW require all Internet users to use their real names.  RD 4

A Computer Operated Police (or C.O.P) Machine is a non-autonomous humanoid domestic drone currently being developed by the State to carry out operations deemed to be too dangerous for human officers. They are remote operated and fully armed. Motion: TH supports the deployment, throughout the Police Force, of robot police/C.O.P.s. round 5


Europe wanted to trade for silk, spices and tea. China did not want European goods. England smuggled in addictive opium to create demand by China for this narcotic. China resisted and England went to war. China signed treaty to end the war and England got Hong Kong as their colony. Still, China did not want European goods.
Second war involved invasion and burning of Summer Palaces.  Treaty forced on China legalized opium, gave trade privileges to Westerners, allowed human trafficking of Chinese citizens to the West as workers, China had to pay huge sum of money to Western nations.

Nationalism, political or social philosophy in which the welfare of the nation-state as an entity is considered paramount. Nationalism is basically a collective state of mind or consciousness in which people believe their primary duty and loyalty is to the nation-state.
Virtue , quality of good in human conduct.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

ARGO Open 2014 Prepared Motions

From CA Geetha Creffield:

After careful discussions among the members of the CAP, we have decided the prepared motions for the ARGO Open 2014:

Round 1 –THW ban shadow banking

Round 3 - THS a targeted military intervention by the international community to protect civilians in Northern Nigeria against insurgencies by Boko Haram

Round 5 - THW not cooperate with democratically elected politicians who hold extremist views, on an internal level, even if it means losing political power.

Round 7 - TH regrets the European court's decision to afford people the right to be forgotten on the internet.

Final - THBT Romania should stop using Gazprom gas, until Russia gives up its claims over Crimea.

We hope to see all of you in Romania this September!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Australs July 2014

Open Grand Final
[A] That Western Liberal Democratic States should take an ongoing public stance against religion
[B] That assuming a medicinal method of becoming heterosexual was developed, it should be banned
[C] In a post-genocide society, the state should aggressively pursue housing policies which promote racial integration
ESL Grand Final
[A] That we should ban volunteer tourism
[B] That First Ladies/Gentlemen should not publically advocate for policies or political positions during their partner's term in office
[C] That we regret the American withdrawal from Iraq
Open Semifinals
[A] That the rise of the Tea Party Movement is good for liberal citizens of the United States of America
[B] That we regret that Barack Obama has not made his racial background a significant issue during his Presidency
[C] That it would be better for the United States of America if the Southern states were to secede
Open Quarterfinals
[A] That the West should force the immediate resignation of Nouri al-Maliki
[B] That reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah is bad for Palestine
[C] That, in spite of the opposition of the Burmese Government, the international community should set up a safehaven for the Rohingyas in Burma
ESL Semifinals
[A] That indigenous communities who have historically lived in the Amazon should not be punished for acts of vigilantism against poaches and illegal loggers
[B] That historically oppressed indigenous minorities should embrace and promote inaccurate but positive myths or beliefs about their culture
[C] That indigenous citizens should be paid a salary for life as a form of reparations
Open Octofinals
[A] That the state should vet all advertisements intended for public spaces to ensure they do not perpetuate racist or sexist stereotypes
[B] That progressive public forums should actively recruit controversial, socially regressive speakers in order to spark public outrage and discussion
[C] That adoption organisations which preference, or facilitate biological parents' preferences for, placing children in heterosexual homes should be closed
Round 8
[A] That the feminist movement should exclude activists who argue that transwomen are not women
[B] That full equality between the sexes requires the complete abolition of femininity and masculinity
[C] That, as an attractive educated woman, we would choose to marry for money rather than pursue a career
Round 7
[A] That we should abolish NATO
[B] That Modi's victory over the Congress Party should be celebrated
[C] That ransoms should not be paid to Boko Haram
Round 6
[A] That couples should be able to enter relationship contracts which make any future infidelity a state-enforced crime
[B] That we should support online vigilantes to act against perpetrators of crime and police departments/prosecutors who fail to effectively prosecute them
[C] That we should grant overweight people the same protections from discrimination and hate speech as other vulnerable groups
Round 5
[A] That corporations should be allowed to vote
[B] That we support an aggressively redistributive global income tax
[C] That, once sufficient welfare services have been provided to every citizen, the state should not care about relative inequality
Round 4
[A] That developed nations should pay developing nations to not extract their fossil fuel resources (coal, gas, oil)
[B] That governments should not preserve habitats purely for cultural or aesthetic reasons
[C] That rather than protecting endangered species the animal rights movement should prioritise maximising the total welfare of the animal population
Round 3
[A] That we regret the depiction of protagonists in children's books and media as aesthetically superior
[B] That children should learn history as a unifying national story rather than a criticism of past generations
[C] That we should promote the notion that the decision to have a child is a selfish one
Round 2
[A] That major transactions of professional sporting clubs should be subject to a vote of paid club members
[B] That there should be character tests for owning or participating in professional sporting teams
[C] That we should eject sporting teams from international competitions if their fans are found to have committed racist/sexist/queerphobic etc acts during matches
Round 1
[A] That vegetarians and vegans have a moral obligation to aggressively lobby their friends and community to not consume animal products
[B] That the West should not import food from nations with chronic food shortages
[C] That we should ban all advertising and education which implies that addictive or dangerous substances cannot be enjoyable

Friday, June 27, 2014

Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships), Berlin, Germany, June 6-9 2014

Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships), Berlin, Germany, June 6-9 2014
  • R1: THW abolish Gesinnungsstrafrecht (additional attitude/mindset penalties for crimes commited, e.g. hate crimes)
  • R2: THW give citizens the right to change their identities without giving justification
  • R3: THBT Putin’s conduct of the Crimea crisis was in Russia’s strategic interest
  • R4: TH is a citizen of a western liberal democracy that rejects discrimination on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. TH would boycott works from artists (painters, musicians, movie directors, etc.) that personally hold discriminatory views, even when you like their art
  • R5: TH regrets the increasing classification of human behaviour as illnesses
  • R6: THW, as part of awareness campaigns about rape and sexual violence, inform women of potentially risky behaviour (like alcohol consumption or choice of clothing)
  • R7: TH, as the European Union, would introduce defence mechanisms agains anti-EU parties
  • Quarter:: THBT liberal democracies should not treat disclosure of information to the public as treason.
  • Semi:: THW temporarily recolonise former colonies that have developed into “failed states”
  • DaF (German as a Second Language) Final: THBT it is time for Germany to take more on miiltary responsibility in the world
  • Final: THBT current day’s political correctness does more harm than good

TechOpen, Haifa, Israel, May 30-31 2014

TechOpen, Haifa, Israel, May 30-31 2014
  • R1: THW implement a full ban on burqas
  • R2: Info: In recent years, Hungary has severely limited freedom of speech and freedom of the press, has silenced opposition groups, and condoned widespread discrimination of the LGBT community and the Roma minority. Motion: TH, as the European Union, would suspend Hungary's EU-membership if they do not reform within a set period of time.
  • R3: Info: Hamsterdams are non-residential areas in which drug users and dealers are legally allowed to buy, sell, and use drugs. Any drug related activity outside such
  • Hamsterdams remains illegal. Motion: THW create Hamsterdams in cities with a high level of drug use
  • R4: Info: Virtual child pornography is a very realistic appearing computer generated depiction of a minor engaging in sexual acts. In the USA, Germany, and Australia (among others) virtual child pornography is banned. Motion: THW allow virtual child pornography
  • Semi: Info: In Star Trek, the Prime Directive prohibits space travels missions’ personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. It was designed primarily for encounters with alien civilizations deemed to be less advanced. In the future, when human kind develops space travel capabilities, Motion: THW Implement the Prime Directive
  • Final: TH, as the Palestinian people, would launch a Third Intifada

Neckarwiesen Cup, Heiderlberg, Germany, May 17 2014

Neckarwiesen Cup, Heiderlberg, Germany, May 17 2014
  • R1: Should we introduce diversity quota, rather than women’s quota?
  • R2: (inkl.Factsheet) Should we reserve prostheses and implants for people with physical deficiencies?
  • R3: Should companies have to justify the labour conditions of their suppliers in their yearly financial reports?
  • Final: Should the European Court of Justice be given the power to annul national laws that violate European values upon request of the European Parliament?

Helsinki Open, Helsinki, Finland, May 16-18 2014

Helsinki Open, Helsinki, Finland, May 16-18 2014
  • R1: THBT parents should monitor the electronic communications of their children, for example by installing spyware, requiring their children to give them their passwords, or reading browser histories
  • R2: THW take away essential service givers' (such as policemen, firemen and doctors) right to strike
  • R3: Info Slide: Brendan Eich was appointed in April 2014 as CEO of the Mozilla Corporation, creator of the web browser Firefox. After his appointment, news emerged that he had made a $1000 donation in 2008 to support Proposition 8, a referendum that sought to establish ”only marriage between a man and a woman is recognised in California”. This resulted in a wide spread campaign calling to remove Eich from office, eventually resulting in his resignation 10 days after taking office. Motion: TH regrets the campaign to remove Brendan Eich from office
  • R4: Info Slide: A retroactive law is a law criminalizing a particular act, such that people who committed the act even before it was criminalized can still be prosecuted under this law. Motion: THW allow the parliament to pass retroactive laws with a 2/3 majority
  • R5: THBT developing countries should ban aid organizations from religious proselytizing
  • Semi-Final: THBT The death of newspapers and news print media would be a net good
  • Final: THBT the education system should stream children according to their abilities from a young age