Sunday, July 6, 2014

Australs July 2014

Open Grand Final
[A] That Western Liberal Democratic States should take an ongoing public stance against religion
[B] That assuming a medicinal method of becoming heterosexual was developed, it should be banned
[C] In a post-genocide society, the state should aggressively pursue housing policies which promote racial integration
ESL Grand Final
[A] That we should ban volunteer tourism
[B] That First Ladies/Gentlemen should not publically advocate for policies or political positions during their partner's term in office
[C] That we regret the American withdrawal from Iraq
Open Semifinals
[A] That the rise of the Tea Party Movement is good for liberal citizens of the United States of America
[B] That we regret that Barack Obama has not made his racial background a significant issue during his Presidency
[C] That it would be better for the United States of America if the Southern states were to secede
Open Quarterfinals
[A] That the West should force the immediate resignation of Nouri al-Maliki
[B] That reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah is bad for Palestine
[C] That, in spite of the opposition of the Burmese Government, the international community should set up a safehaven for the Rohingyas in Burma
ESL Semifinals
[A] That indigenous communities who have historically lived in the Amazon should not be punished for acts of vigilantism against poaches and illegal loggers
[B] That historically oppressed indigenous minorities should embrace and promote inaccurate but positive myths or beliefs about their culture
[C] That indigenous citizens should be paid a salary for life as a form of reparations
Open Octofinals
[A] That the state should vet all advertisements intended for public spaces to ensure they do not perpetuate racist or sexist stereotypes
[B] That progressive public forums should actively recruit controversial, socially regressive speakers in order to spark public outrage and discussion
[C] That adoption organisations which preference, or facilitate biological parents' preferences for, placing children in heterosexual homes should be closed
Round 8
[A] That the feminist movement should exclude activists who argue that transwomen are not women
[B] That full equality between the sexes requires the complete abolition of femininity and masculinity
[C] That, as an attractive educated woman, we would choose to marry for money rather than pursue a career
Round 7
[A] That we should abolish NATO
[B] That Modi's victory over the Congress Party should be celebrated
[C] That ransoms should not be paid to Boko Haram
Round 6
[A] That couples should be able to enter relationship contracts which make any future infidelity a state-enforced crime
[B] That we should support online vigilantes to act against perpetrators of crime and police departments/prosecutors who fail to effectively prosecute them
[C] That we should grant overweight people the same protections from discrimination and hate speech as other vulnerable groups
Round 5
[A] That corporations should be allowed to vote
[B] That we support an aggressively redistributive global income tax
[C] That, once sufficient welfare services have been provided to every citizen, the state should not care about relative inequality
Round 4
[A] That developed nations should pay developing nations to not extract their fossil fuel resources (coal, gas, oil)
[B] That governments should not preserve habitats purely for cultural or aesthetic reasons
[C] That rather than protecting endangered species the animal rights movement should prioritise maximising the total welfare of the animal population
Round 3
[A] That we regret the depiction of protagonists in children's books and media as aesthetically superior
[B] That children should learn history as a unifying national story rather than a criticism of past generations
[C] That we should promote the notion that the decision to have a child is a selfish one
Round 2
[A] That major transactions of professional sporting clubs should be subject to a vote of paid club members
[B] That there should be character tests for owning or participating in professional sporting teams
[C] That we should eject sporting teams from international competitions if their fans are found to have committed racist/sexist/queerphobic etc acts during matches
Round 1
[A] That vegetarians and vegans have a moral obligation to aggressively lobby their friends and community to not consume animal products
[B] That the West should not import food from nations with chronic food shortages
[C] That we should ban all advertising and education which implies that addictive or dangerous substances cannot be enjoyable


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