Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tornadu, Braga, Portugal, February 21-23 2014

Tornadu, Braga, Portugal, February 21-23 2014 (translated)
  • R1:TH applauds the social pressure on teenage girls to initiate promiscuous sexual activity;
  • R2: THW create a small network of public schools accessible only to students with outstanding academic backgrounds
  • R3: When father of a fetus favours abortion and this is not carried out, THW allow him to  excuse himself from any responsibility for the child;
  • R4: THW reduce VAT tax on goods and services provided for by small businesses in order to combat the black (parallel) economy
  • R5: THB in the primacy of serving others as opposed to seeking one’s own happiness
  • Quarter (partial): THBT the LGBT movement should stop using the concept of “gay pride”
  • Semi: THBT the international community has a duty to protect human rights, if necessary by military means, even in violation of the principle of national sovereignty
  • Final: THBT young Portuguese should recognize the existence of a generational struggle (with divergent and conflicting interests between generations) and prepare to win

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