Friday, June 27, 2014

Helsinki Open, Helsinki, Finland, May 16-18 2014

Helsinki Open, Helsinki, Finland, May 16-18 2014
  • R1: THBT parents should monitor the electronic communications of their children, for example by installing spyware, requiring their children to give them their passwords, or reading browser histories
  • R2: THW take away essential service givers' (such as policemen, firemen and doctors) right to strike
  • R3: Info Slide: Brendan Eich was appointed in April 2014 as CEO of the Mozilla Corporation, creator of the web browser Firefox. After his appointment, news emerged that he had made a $1000 donation in 2008 to support Proposition 8, a referendum that sought to establish ”only marriage between a man and a woman is recognised in California”. This resulted in a wide spread campaign calling to remove Eich from office, eventually resulting in his resignation 10 days after taking office. Motion: TH regrets the campaign to remove Brendan Eich from office
  • R4: Info Slide: A retroactive law is a law criminalizing a particular act, such that people who committed the act even before it was criminalized can still be prosecuted under this law. Motion: THW allow the parliament to pass retroactive laws with a 2/3 majority
  • R5: THBT developing countries should ban aid organizations from religious proselytizing
  • Semi-Final: THBT The death of newspapers and news print media would be a net good
  • Final: THBT the education system should stream children according to their abilities from a young age

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