Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ECO Open WSDC Tallinn 2016

MOTION 1: THBT online search engines and technology firms should be compelled to share personal data of their users with government agencies upon demand MOTION 2: THW stop the production of biofuels FINAL: THW re-establish border control in the Schengen area

Sunday, November 29, 2015

13th International Debate Academy Slovenia 2015


1.  THW legalise multi-partner marriages with any gender.
2. We support global maximum wealth limits for individuals
3. THBT we should suffer now to protect the ecological inheritance of the next generation. 
4. THBT further research into the development of Artificial Intelligence would result in more harm than good.
INFOSLIDE: Artificial intelligence involves computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.
5. THR hook-up apps.
INFOSLIDE: Hookup apps are smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc.) programs which match people to others seeking casual sex, and put them in contact. The two most popular apps are ‘Tinder’ which sees ten million matches per day, and ‘Grindr’ (which is designed for men meeting men), which has over a four million users, one million using it daily
6. TH welcomes Russian military involvement in the Middle East.
Semfinals THBT Freedom of Speech must include freedom to offend

Final THBT class is more important than race.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Prep Motions for WSDC Tournament in Ljutomer March 2016

Here are prepared motions for the 13th International Worlds Schools Debate Tournament Ljutomer, Slovenia 2nd - 6th of March 2016:

THBT class is more important than race.

THBT the West should replace Saudi Arabia with Iran as its primary partner in the Middle East

TH regrets the dominant narrative of women as nonviolent and vulnerable in conflicts and humanitarian crises.

Please, be aware that a lot of countries/schools expressed their interest in the tournament (and 5 national teams for Worlds 2016 already committed to participate) so do not wait to register as the spots are limited. Registration is open and it will close on December 31st. You can get the registration form and more information at

You can also join us a the to follow the updates. In case you have any questions, please, feel free to ask on facebook page or send an email to

The tournament is organised by Slovenian national debate organisation Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pro et contra, institute for culture of dialogue and the hosting school Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer.

Looking forward hosting you in Ljutomer,

Bojana Skrt

85th Mahaffey Memorial Tournament, Linfield College 2015

 85th Mahaffey Memorial Tournament, Linfield College 2015

Round 1
The USFG should guarantee free college tuition at public colleges and universities

Round 2
China’s claim of sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea is justified

Round 3 
THBT minors should be prosecuted for exchanging sexually explicit electronic images

Skype Demo Debate w/ Teams from Afghanistan
This house supports the rise of a secular state in Afghanistan

Round 4
The United States should adopt a national primary day for the selection of presidential candidates

Round 5
Europe should take increased responsibilities for refugees of the Syrian conflict

THW normalize relations with Myanmar

Military recruitment campaigns targeted at low-income groups should be banned

THBT Saudi Arabia is the greatest threat in the Middle East 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Huber Debates, Vermont 2015

1. THW end all programs aimed at preserving endangered languages.
2. TH regrets the strong promotion of people declaring their sexual orientation (eg National Coming Out Day) as an advocacy strategy by LGBTQ movements.
3. THBT, following the resolution of domestic armed conflicts, prominent members of groups who fought against the state should be prohibited from running for public office (eg members of FARC in Columbia, Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka).
4. TH regrets the inclusion of religious symbols in memorial sites (eg crosses at Auschwitz, cross at Ground Zero).
5. TH supports the universal legalization of polyamorous unions.
Quarterfinals TH, as a progressive judge, presiding over the Marine Le Pen trial, would adopt reasoning that was plausible, but which you believe to be unsound, in order to justify a conviction.
Semifinals THBT the IMF should require collateral for national bailouts.
Novice Finals Given the option, THW establish a new state on a shared religious foundation rather than upon a secular foundation.
Grand Finals INFOSLIDE: According to convention the “first wave” of feminism was concerned with attaining basic legal and political rights for women. The “second wave” of feminism engaged itself with the ways in which social structures and norms resulted in gender inequality, which all women have a shared obligation to oppose.“Third Wave Feminism” is a loosely defined term which for the purposes of this debate is identified with feminists who argue it is instead up to individual women to decide whether to participate in certain social structures labeled as oppressive by second wave feminism e.g. wearing make up, being employed in the sex industry and seeks to ‘reclaim’ forms of patriarchal oppression e.g. via the attempt to reclaim the words ‘slut’ and "bitch"
MOTION: THR the rise of the "Third Wave Feminism"

Edinburgh Cup 2015

Edinburgh Cup 2015 (3-4 October 2015)
R1: THW abolish juries in all criminal trial.
R2: THW remove all benefits from those deemed fit, but unwilling, to work.
R3: Infoslide: Range voting is a voting system for single-person offices. Voters give each candidate a point score representing their support (e.g. 1 to 100), and the candidate with the most points is elected. Motion: THW introduce the range voting system.
R4: It is August 2015. TH, as Russia would not militarily intervene in Syria.
R5: THW Legalise Squatting
Semis: THR the release of Aylan Kurdi's image.
Finals: THS the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

ISIC 2015

ISIC 2015 (3-4 October 2015, London, UK)
R1: THBT developing nations should adopt a policy of benign neglect towards patent enforcement
R2: TH supports the Malaysian government’s policy of affirmative action to ethnic Malays
R3: TH, as the Indonesian government, would legalise slash and burn laws
R4: THBT the US should, given a choice between the two, focus on engaging India rather than China
Final: THBT development is more important than democracy

UCL President’s Cup 2015

UCL President’s Cup 2015 (10 October 2015, London, UK)
R1: THW allow the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport
R2: THBT railways should be nationally owned and operated
R3: THW allow individuals to use violent force to defend their homes, even where they do not fear for personal safety
R4: THBT Student Unions should refuse a platform to speakers who they deem offensive
Semis: THBT developing countries should legalise child labour
Non-Schools final: TH regrets internet anonymity
Final: THBT artists from majority cultures should not attempt to represent or emulate the minority cultures in their art

Münster WUDC Preparation Tournament 2015

Münster WUDC Preparation Tournament(10 October 2015, Münster, Germany)
R1: Assuming that a minimum standard of welfare has been achieved, THBT states should make no further attempt to reduce economic inequality
R2: THW ban the display of all art created with the intended purpose or reasonably likely outcome of creating offence
R3: THW aggressively financially incentivise the enrollment of female students in programs of study with disproportionately low female enrollment
R4: THBT Western foreign policies should abandon attempts to universalise liberal values
R5: THW prefer to live in a world where personal success and failure are seen as a consequence of random factors rather than personal choice

(The tournament had no final: the winners were the team top of tab after five rounds)

UCD IV 2015

UCD IV (10-11 October, Dublin, Ireland)
R1: This House Would require approval from local referenda for all major land development decisions (e.g stadiums, airport extensions, railways etc.)
R2: This House supports the July 2015 decision of the UK government to deny a visa to Tyler the Creator
R3: This House Believes That the West should abandon its foreign policy aim of removing Assad from power
R4: This House would allow asylum seekers to work
R5: This House believes that the government should only fund further education courses that have high graduate employment rates
Semi Final: This House believes that political parties’ Cabinets and Shadow Cabinets should be elected by the members of that party
Final: This House regrets the overwhelming narrative of good triumphing over evil in children’s entertainment

Odessa Open 2015

Odessa Open (October 10-11, Odessa, Ukraine)
R1: THW restrict more than one person from the same family from running for high political positions
R2: THB in the complete freedom of movement from refugees
R3: TH prefers a world where people believe in God to a world where people don’t
R4: THW introduce recall elections for Supreme Court or constitutional judges
R5: TH, as the feminist movement, supports sexualization of men in the media and pop culture
Semi Final: THB in a global wealth cap for individuals
Final: TH supports extensive Russian military involvement in Syria

King’s College London IV 2015

King’s College London IV (October 17, London, UK)
R1: THW cap every company's highest salary at 10x the lowest salary within that company.
R2: In countries with few female politicians, THBT it is good to have a politically active First Lady.
R3: THW introduce a tax on "low brow" entertainment in order to subsidise "high brow" art.
R4: THBT criminal justice policy should be outsourced to technocrats instead of elected representatives
Novice Final: TH as Western Countries ( EU, US, Canada, Australia) would stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia
Semi Final: THBT militaries should aggressively engage in the genetic and bionic enhancement of consenting soldiers
Final: THBT the US and it's allies should announce Intentions to capture and try, as opposed to assassinate the leaders of Da'esh (IS)

Strathclyde Open 2015

Strathclyde Open (October 17, Glasgow, UK)
R1: THW Criminalise Holocaust Denial
R2: THBT states should pursue economic equality above all else (e.g. high top rates of tax, high minimum income thresholds, property and inheritance tax)
R3: THBT the US should make Japanese participation in TPP contingent on apologising for WWII war crimes
R4: THR that the LGBTQA movement has allocated its limited time and resources to the achievement of legal marriage
Final: THBT Aung San Suu Kyi should include demands for Rohingya equality in her campaigning

Turku Open 2015

Turku Open (23rd-24th October)
R1: THS the use of Referenda when deciding whether to introduce same sex marriage
R2: Infoslide: Many State and charity programmes for the settlement or resettlement of the homeless place certain conditions on the individuals being housed eg not having used alcohol or drugs for a certain period of time.Motion: THW not set lifestyle conditions for placement of homeless people in state and charity provided accommodation
R3: THBT Finland should apply for NATO membership
R4: THW introduce socio-economic background quotas for students at university departments
R5: THW require broadcasters to devote equal time and prominence to coverage of female football games as male football games
Semis: Infoslide: In some sectors (eg. Banking, Corporate Law), there is a culture of long working hours.Motion: THW Require an anonymous, multi-option ballot of employees to determine the legally binding, maximum amount of extra working hours beyond the contractual minimum
Final: THW remove the distinction between economic migrants and refugees

SOAS IV 2015

SOAS IV (24th-25th October)
R1: THW give women two votes in political elections
R2: THBT law enforcement organisations should never provide incentives to gang members to inform on their superiors (e.g. plea bargains or monetary rewards)
R3: TH regrets the decline in oil prices over the last 18 months
R4: THBT Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is good for America
R5: THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle refugees who reach their borders
Quarters: THBT the state should reclaim a fixed proportion of all charitable giving and redistribute it to other charities on the basis of their effectiveness
Semis: THBT the trans movement should actively seek to separate themselves, their issues and their collective identity from the LGBTQ movement in their campaigns and in the public consciousness
Final: THW prefer a world in which there are no extreme emotions such as boiling rage, falling madly in love, extreme grief etc
ESL Final: THBT countries, like Switzerland, that were neutral in WW II should pay financial reparations to states occupied by the Nazis

Roosevelt Open 2015

Roosevelt Open 2015 (24th-25th October)
R1: infoslide: A prenuptial agreement ("prenup" for short) is a written contract created by two people before they sign a relationship agreement or get married. A prenup typically lists all of the property each person owns (as well as any debts) and specifies what each person's property rights will be should the relationship contract end or marriage breakdown. Motion: THW require all couples entering into a relationship contract or marriage to write a pre-nup agreement
R2: Infoslide: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a proposed international financial institution which is focused on supporting infrastructure construction in the Asia-Pacific region. The bank was proposed by the government of China and is seen by many to be competitor to the World Bank and IMF. Motion: THBT Eurozone states should aim to join the AIIB in addition to the IMF and ECB
R3: THBT those who live in states that suffer rampant corruption should evade tax
R4: Infoslide: The African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, the American Convention on Human Rights (the Americas) and the European Convention on Human Rights are all examples of regionally specific human rights regimes. They contain bodies of rights that have similarities with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights but differ on some aspects. For example, the African Charter includes provisions for the protection of indigenous peoples. These regimes have been criticised by the West, for example the Arab Charter which has been said to be; “incompatible with international standards for women’s, children’s and non-citizens’ rights, and in that it continues to equate Zionism with racism.” Motion: THS the proliferation of regionally specific human rights regimes, despite their variation from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
R5: THW lie to, or withhold information from the public about the nature or existence of threats where evacuation would be impossible or dangerous
Semis (and Novice Final): THBT entry to university degrees with high-earning career outcomes should be conditional upon students doing two mandatory years of non-military national service after graduation
Finals: Infoslide: The Indonesian killings of 1965-66 was a series of events triggered by an attempted coup by the right wing forces in Indonesia against the then left wing sitting President Sukarno. With the help of the West, including the CIA, the right wing leader President Suharto took charge in Indonesia and in the following 6 months to a year, the new government sought out Communists and left wing supporters and murdered and tortured them. 500,000 people are estimated to have been killed during the massacre and most of the perpetrators who carried out the killings have never faced trial and live essentially normal lives. In the 30 years that followed, President Suharto’s regime attempted to erase the killings from Indonesian history. A survey published by the Jakarta Globe in 2009 showed that more than half of the respondents comprising university students in Jakarta had never even heard of the mass killings. Suharto’s regime eventually fell in 1998 but the right still holds power in Indonesia. This coming November, an International People’s Tribunal on 1965 Crimes Against Humanity in Indonesia is to be set up at The Hague to investigate the killings. The Tribunal will not have the power to try anybody but, rather, to issue general declarations about events and moral culpability. Motion: THS the establishment of the International People's Tribunal on the 1965 Crimes Against Humanity in Indonesia.

UCU Open 2015

UCU Open (30th-31st October)
R1: THW ban any strike carried out by medical personnel
R2: THW hand over control of Mecca to the United Nations
R3: THW allow inviduals to opt out of 40% of their income tax and give that money to a charitable cause of their choosing
R4: Given mutual exclusivity, TH, as Putin, would rather put Russia’s military efforts in Syria than in the Ukraine
R5: THW not allow revolutionary leaders to stand for office in post-revolutionary societies
Semis: TH (actively?) supports the portrayal of female protagonists using extreme retributive violence (e.g. Lisbeth Salander in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Ellen Page in Hard Candy and Rihanna in ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’)
Finals: TH, as an influential artist, would chose to depict the world as they would wish it to be, rather than as they see it

TU Fall Open 2015

TU Fall Open (October 31st)
R1: THW allow offenders to replace their jail time sentence with serving in the army
R2: THW allow border police to only carry non-lethal weapons
R3: TH, as China, would provide military assistance, and Intervention if necessary, to the African Union task force against terror
R4: THW prohibit citizens who do not reside in their native country from voting in its elections
Finals: THBT any data collected from experiments deemed unethical should never be used by the scientific community

Imperial Open 2015

Imperial Open 2015 (October 31st)
R1: Infoslide: In the USA, fan interest in college sports regularly exceeds that of the professional game. Every year $3 Billion is spent on over 500,000 college athletic scholarships by universities. It is estimated that there is an average shortfall of $3,000 despite the scholarship that students have to cover themselves without the ability to work a second job. Players may have their scholarship revoked for injuries that happen. The profits from the football/basketball programs are often the centre of the university’s business model. Motion: THW compel colleges to pay athletes as professionals
R2: Infoslide: The Schengen zone, encompassing most EU countries, is an area within which mutual borders are open without the requirement for passport checks. It does not include the UK and Ireland. Motion: THBT the EU should enforce freedom of movement within current Schengen countries
R3: Infoslide: Lean In feminism says women ought to: not hold back from your career development because of future plans to start a family; adopt traditionally masculine qualities at work e.g. being assertive at meetings; demand that your partner do their fair share of the work at home.Motion: TH supports Lean In feminism
R4: THW ban adoption agencies which select families on religious grounds
Semis: THBT states should strive to reduce inequality even after everyone has enough for an acceptable quality of life
Finals: THW allow students to vote on the curriculum they are taught in schools

NAMDA Novice 2015

NAMDA Novice (October 31st)
R1: Infoslide: Jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) is a form of unemployment benefit paid by the government of the United Kingdom to people who are unemployed and actively seeking work. Motion: THW require receipients (sic) of Jobseeker’s Allowance to work in return for welfare payments
R2: Infoslide: A “no-platform” policy is one which requires that a certain person or organisation is not given a public platform on which to speak or otherwise espouse their views. Motion: THBT universities should not implement "no-platform" policies for controversial speakers
R3: Infoslide: The legal system in England and Wales is a “Common Law” system. This means that judges are able to interpret laws, as well as creating new legal norms (as long as they don’t contradict laws passed by parliament). That is to say that the precedent passed by high level courts in previous rulings has a legally binding impact on future court cases (though can be re-interpreted by equal level judges). Motion: THW impose a maximum annual income on everyone in the legal profession (including barristers, solicitors and judges) in England and Wales
R4: THW allow soldiers to opt out of war or conflict for moral reasons
Semis: THW impose a minimum quota of ethnic minority academics (e.g. lecturers and professors) in university departments.
Finals: Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, "cultural knowledge" refers to the knowledge of intellectual or social achievements (artistic, historical or linguistic) prized by a specific group or community. For example: the cultural knowledge prized by white, middle and upper class elites in the UK arguably includes (but is not limited to) an understanding of opera, Renaissance poetry, and fine art; a knowledge ancient languages such as Greek and Latin; and familiarity with lists of British monarchs. Motion: THBT the British education system should aim to give students from all backgrounds a high level of familiarity with the cultural knowledge prized by white, upper and middle class elites

Belgrade Open 2015

Belgrade Open (October 31st - November 1st)
R1: THW abolish university tuition fees
R2: TH regrets the narrative that women can have it all - a successful career and a happy family
R3: THW allow the sale of the right to sue
R4: TH welcomes Russia’s military intervention in Syria
R5: THW oblige priests to report all violent crime that they learn about in confession
Semis: THW refuse to recognize the freedom of movement of citizens of any EU member state that refuses to accept a proportional number of refugees
Finals: THW cease using the legal concept of genocide in criminal proceedings

Kyiv Open 2015

Kyiv Open (October 31st - November 1st)
R1: THW aggressively financially incentivize the enrollment of female students in programs of study with disproportionately low female enrollment.
R2: THW legalize squatting (occupation of unoccupied buildings for driven initiatives.
R3: THW allow medical professionals to opt out of performing procedures or treatments on the basis of conscious.
R4: THBT government should not subsidies any art.
R5: In a country with free and fair elections THW make leading politicians (for example ministers and presidents) salaries equal to the highest earners in the private sector.
Semis: Infoslide: The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, stating that it is possible to achieve upward social mobility, prosperity and success if you work hard enough. Motion: TH regrets the American Dream.
Final: Infoslide: For the sake of this debate, mind-reading machines are machines that give the user unrestricted access to another individual's memories and thoughts. The machine only works if the user has physical access to the person being read. Motion: THW give law enforcement agencies the right to use mind-reading machines.

Imperial Novices 2015

Imperial Novices (November 1st)
R1: THW criminalise all forms of high school bullying (including cyber, physical and verbal)
R2: THBT Western Liberal Democracies should not give aid to countries who commit grave human rights abuses against people within their territory
R3: THBT governments should focus on adapting to the effects of climate change, rather than trying to prevent it
R4: THW financially incentivise women to study STEM subjects at university
Semis: TH prefers liberal arts-style degrees to single honours degrees
Final: THW subsidise membership of dating services (incl. websites) for long-term singles

LSESU Novice Cup

LSESU Novice Cup (November 7th)
R1: THW ban private donations to political parties
R2; THBT developing countries should actively support medical tourism
R3: THW allow defendants in criminal trials to argue that the jury should acquit on the grounds that the law they broke was unjust, and would instruct all juries to take this defence into account
Final: Infoslide: Currently, the state defines the terms of marriages/civil-partnerships, for example: what counts as a marriage (eg banning polygamy); how property should be divided in the event of divorc; your parental rights and responsibilities. Marriage privatisation is where individuals, communities or companies instead write terms of marriages, while the state only enforces the contract. Motion: THW privatize marriage.

Welsh Novices 2015

Welsh Novices 2015 (November 7th)
R1: THW ban video games in which the player engages in brutal and immoral violence in a realistic setting
R2: infoslide: [A map was shown alongside this text] The Gulf States (with the exceptions of Jordan, which has accepted a significant number of refugees) have so far provided limited aid and support to refugees during the current crisis Motion: THW continue trade deals with the Gulf States on the condition that they take control of the refugee crisis.
R3: THBTschools should motivate children to believe that anyone can succeed through hard work regardless of their background.
R4: THBT schools should motivate children to believe that anyone can succeed through hard work regardless of their background.
Final: Infoslide: Prison Manufacturing is a massive business in America, that enables them (as an industry) to compete internationally Inmates are paid below minimum wage and have little to no rights as workers, whereas free American citizens have the right to a minimum wage, fair working hours and the right to unionise to resolve disputes. If an Inmate is fit and well, refusal to work often results in punishments, up to and including isolation Motion: THW extend workers rights to the prison population, but not the right to refuse work.

Westminster Open (November 7th)
R1: THW ban cosmetic surgery
R2: THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools
R3: Infoslide: In the UK, NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) evaluates the efficacy of NHS policies by measuring QALYs. 'Quality Adjusted Life Years' (QALYs) are a way of measuring the effectiveness of healthcare treatments. They are calculated by combining both the number of years added to lives, and the quality of life after receiving treatment. So a medicine which provides 1 extra year of good quality life is credited just as much as one which adds 2 years of life where the quality of those years is deemed 'half as good'. QALYs prioritise length of life over quality of life (e.g. people with short life expectancy, less severe diseases). Treatments which do not increase life expectancy are often difficult to calculate. Motion: THW only fund medicine based on its impact on Quality Adjusted Life Years.
R4: TH, as the West, would cooperate with Russia in its military intervention in Syria (with info slide re Russia’s recent aggression vs. rebels/ISIS)
Novice Final: THBT the media should not report on the private lives of politicians
Semi Finals: THBT female game designers should prioritise over everything else the creation of female characters
Final: THW ban scientific research into the genetics of race

The Durham IV 2015

The Durham IV 2015 (November 7th-9th)
R1: In areas of the US with majority Hispanic populations, THW make Spanish the primary language of instruction in schools
R2: Infoslide: The Sports Governance Observer (SGO) is a measure of good governance of International Sporting Federations (ISF). It measures the level of institutional corruption, democratic process, transparency and efficiency. The SGO scores ISFs on a scale of 0100% with 100% representing perfect governance. FIFA is ranked as the second best governed ISF in world sport with a score of 67.8% (Horse riding is number 1). The worst score on the scale is the International Shooting Sport Federation which scored just 27.3%. Motion: THW make a sufficient SGO score a minimum requirement for a sport to be part of the Olympic Games
R3: THBT charities should not accept donations from individuals/organisations who are involved in immoral activities
R4: Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, ‘antiaging technology' concerns the root causes of ageing as opposed to the purely cosmetic effects of ageing. Motion: THBT the medical community should invest in antiaging technology on the same scale as it does for other top priorities like cancer and heart disease research
R5: Given the technology existed, THW erase all knowledge of nuclear weapons
Semis: Infoslide: Jesus of Nazareth is a historical figure who is known to have lived c 4 BCE to c 28 CE. His life and teachings are referred to in numerous historical sources - the Roman Tacitus describes his execution for witchcraft, and hundreds of his followers left differing accounts of his beliefs. The most famous of these contemporary accounts are the Gospels written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Many widely held Christian beliefs are not mentioned in these contemporary sources, and can be proven to have originated later, after 800 CE. Examples of these beliefs include the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, the existence of Purgatory, and the infallibility of the Pope Motion: TH, as a Christian, would base its practices and beliefs solely on contemporary accounts of the life of Jesus.
Finals: THBT the People’s Republic of China should overthrow the People’s Republic of North Korea

Tilbury House 2015

Tilbury House 2015 (November 6th - 8th)
R1: THW fine news organisations who consistently fail to meet a standard of fair and balanced reporting
R2: THW require gaming companies to offer their products free of charge to women, in cases where there is a significant gender disparity in consumption.
R3: THW abolish and ban all agricultural subsidies in the European Union
R4: Assuming you would not be found out, in the event of a terrorist attack on EU soil committed by Islamist extremists THW fabricate evidence that the attack was committed by the dominant ethnic and socio-economic group, e.g. white Anglo-Saxons
Semis: THW impose sanctions on Erdogan’s AKP government
Finals: THBT the concept of “safe spaces” has no place in any academic activity or environment.

Oxford IV 2015

Oxford IV 2015 (November 13th - 14th)
R1: Infoslide: Religious Schools supplement state curricula with religious activities such as prayer or the discussion of religious texts. Teaching is sometimes performed by religious leaders. Motion: THW Ban Religious Primary and Secondary Schools
R2: Infoslide: The majority of US immigration visas are granted in order to reunify current legal US residents with their overseas parents, spouses, or children. Motion: THBT US immigration policy should only prioritise merit-based standards of acceptance over the reunification of families.
R3: Infoslide: Many countries increase punishments for crimes if those crimes are committed with an established prejudiced motive. These are called 'penalty enhancements for hate crimes'. Motion: THW end penalty enhancements for hate crimes.
R4: THBT Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
R5: THW allow opponents of abortion to sign legally-binding contracts with pregnant women, in which they pay those pregnant women not to have an abortion.
Open Quarters: THR the rise of megacities (cities of over 10 million people)
ESL Semis: THW accept ‘I was only following orders’ as a defence in war crimes trials
Open Semis: THBT after 50 years of ownership, the state should have the right to repossess all works of painting or sculptures for the purpose of public display
Novice Finals: THW create and enforce filial responsibility laws (mandating that people take care of their parents)
ESL Finals: THR the institutions of marriage and civil partnership
Open Finals: Infoslide: A new planet has been discovered identical to earth. One of two systems can be implemented on this planet Motion: THW implement Communism over Capitalism.

Euroijada Krakow IV 2015

Euroijada Krakow IV 2015 (November 13th - 15th)
R1: THW make anonymous CVs compulsory
R2: Assuming the technology existed, THW allow individuals to opt-in to a permanent state of dreaming where they are able to control the events and environment
R3: THW actively preserve languages classified as endangered
R4: THBT all development aid should be offered without conditions
Final: THBT France should increase military operations in Syria and Iraq with the aim of combatting ISIS

Birmingham ESL Novice Mini 2015

Birmingham ESL Novice Mini 2015(November 15th)
R1: THW impose gender and racial quotas in government cabinets.
R2: Assuming we live in a world where superheroes exist, THW require superheroes to publicly reveal their identities.
R3: THW pay a living wage to stay-at-home parents.
R4: THBT environmentalists should launch violent campaigns against major polluting companies.
Final: THW dramatically reduce the patent life on life saving drugs

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hong Kong Open 2015

R1 THBT MNCs should hire/appoint persons under 35 for at least 30% of positions in their Boards of Directors and upper management.
R2 THBT feminists should support ‪#‎ShoutYourAbortion‬(#ShoutYourAbortion is a viral hashtag meant to encourage women to speak up about their abortions)
R3 THBT the West should replace Saudi Arabia with Iran as its primary partner in the Middle East
R4 THBT the state should provide poor students with full scholarships and pay them at least the minimum wage to get college degrees as a major part of its poverty alleviation strategy
R5 TH regrets the strategy of publicly shaming people for microaggressions (microaggression refers to a subtle but offensive comment or action directed at a minority or other nondominant group)
R6 THBT the Association of Southeast Asian Nations should sanction its members for environmental disasters that have international effects
Octos: THBT states should financially incentivize inter-ethnic marriages
Qtrs: TH regrets the dominant narrative of women as nonviolent and vulnerable in conflicts and humanitarian crises
Semis: THW ban religious proselytization in public places
GF: THBT individuals should vote for the candidate they most prefer regardless of that candidate's chances of winning

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

US Universities National Debate Championships, Claremont College, 2015

All motions by John Meany

1. Disinviting college and university speakers does more good than harm.
2. Low-level offenders should have their fates determined by neighbors rather than traditional courts.
3. There should be no space missions without United Nations scientific approval.
4. The sharing economy does more harm than good.
5. Government should create public space on the Internet for social protest and political free speech.
6. This House would establish a universal passport.
7. The US federal government should bail out states and cities.
8. This House supports a permanent seat with veto power on the UN Security Council for Africa.
SEMIFINALS: Colonial powers should pay reparations for the Atlantic slave trade.
FINALS: The US federal government should rewrite its constitution every 25 years.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

First NBC Bank World Schools Invitational 2015, New Orleans


Rd 1 imp
This house has an unhealthy obsession with sport.

Rd 2 prep
THBT political parties in the USA should select their presidential candidates in a national primary.

Rd 3 prep
TH welcomes the arrival of advanced artificial intelligence.

Rd 4 imp
THW guarantee the amnesty of retired dictators

Rd 5 prep
THW require all isolated religious communities (eg. Hasidic Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.) to give all 18-year-olds a 'Rumspringa' [Amish tradition of sending off 18-year-olds to live in outside world for 1 year, after which they may chose to return or not]

Semifinals imp
This house would financially incentivize both inter-faith and inter-ethnic marriages.

Finals prep
THBT willingness to participate in publicly televised debates should be a prerequisite to run for elected office.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Air Force 2015

1. THW ban anonymity on the Internet.
2. THW no longer offer accreditation to colleges or universities that tightly integrate religious faith with academic learning
3. This House would leave existing fossil fuels in the ground.
4. This House believes that when news media shows visual representations of human suffering caused by other humans, it should be uncensored.
5. This House believes that Donald Trump has delivered the shock the American political system needs.
6. This House believes that states should eliminate their offensive military capabilities.
Quarterfinals: This House regrets the rise of the sharing economy.
Semifinals: This House would rather live in a post gender society.
Finls: This House would open all borders.