Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cameroon Debate Academy July 2013

Cameroon Debate Academy 2013 Motions
Demo debate – THW compel children to care for their elderly parents
Mini-debate – THBT Modern technology has done more harm than good to the Cameroonian youth
Practice 1 – THW increase taxes on tobacco
Practice 2 – THBT citizens should not give money to beggers
Practice 3 – THW ban international adoption
Practice 4 – THBT all politicians should publicly disclose all of their finances sixty days before the election
Practice 5 – THBT Crimes committed by police should be punished more severely
Practice 6 – THBT Cameroonian youth will be better off if they stay in Cameroon
Round 1 – THBT the African Union should have one Pan-African Army
Round 2 – THW have university administrations elected by the students and faculty
Round 3 – THBT parents should not hit their children
Round 4 – THW have Cameroon adopt one educational system for Francophones and Anglophones
Semifinal – THBT Western Cameroon should be an independent state
Final - THW ban bushmeat

Motions were chosen to fit in with local conditions and culture. These may not be appropriate everywhere, but they worked well in Cameroon. Thanks to the Cameroon Debate Association and the World Debate Institute for their assistance.

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Open Communication Mixed Team Tournament 2013

R1 : THW introduce special schools for LGBTQI.
R2: THB that overthrowing Mohamed Morsi was a mistake.
R3: THW legally permit soldiers to refuse to participate in military actions or missions on the basis of conscience
R4: THW introduce inheritance tax of 100%
Semi: THW provide parents access to their children profiles on social networks
Final: THW privatise all education
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

English Open, Israel, July 7 2013

English Open, Israel, July 7
  1. R1: THW ban international adoption
  2. R2: Info Slide - State capitalism is an economic model in which companies are privately owned and compete in a free market of consumers, yet the state often intervenes by investing heavily in favored firms, forcing managerial changes, and making other decisions aimed at stabilizing and strengthening the economy. Famous state-capitalist nations include Singapore, China and Russia.Motion: TH supports state capitalism over liberal capitalism.
  3. R3: Info Slide - The US is currently involved in major nation building projects in Afghanistian, including funding and support of democratic institutions, empowerment of local leaders and investment in education. Motion:THBT The US should continue its nation building efforts after it has left afghanistan militarily.
  4. R4: Info slide - In recent decades, many educational institutions have instructed their teachers that bullying is a result of low self-esteem and other personal problems.Motion: THBT educators should abandon the "pitiful bully" approach
  5. Final: THBT citizens should be more worried about Google and Facebook's access to their data, than the governments' access
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Heart of Europe Schools 2013 Prepared Motions

THBT in the long run there is no hope to save Euro without a Federal Europe.

1. THBT the role of the Roman Catholic Church since 1945 in the world diplomacy has been overwhelmingly negative.
2. THBT with the ending of the Warsaw Pact there is no further justification for the existence of NATO.
3. THW stop public funding of space exploration.
4. THBT war causes more problems than it solves.
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Westminster-ULU IV July 2013

Westminster-ULU IV July 2013
  • R1. THBT Greece should ban the Golden Dawn party. 
  • R2. THW force universities to make all their lectures available for free online
  • R3. TH regrets the rise of mega-rich football clubs (such as Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG, Monaco, Anzhi M. etc)
  • R4. THBT Barack Hussein Obama should call off the prosecution of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden
  • R5. THW give extra votes to young adults
  • Final. THW offer EU membership to Middle Eastern and North African states that achieve successful democratic transition

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

World Schools Debate Academy, Kranjska Gora Slovenia, 29June-6 July 2013

World Schools Debate Academy, Kranjska Gora Slovenia, 29June-6 July 2013
  • We should require direct democracy at the local level (prepared)
  • Whenever possible we should eat locally produced food (prepared)
  • European youth should study in the universities in their home countries (prepared)
  • We should abolish representative democracy (prepared)
  • Youth should move outside EU to seek employement (prepared)
  • We should legally bind children to take care of their parents once the parents reach old age (impromptu)
  • Violent video games should be banned (impromptu)
  • All carnivores should be required to slaughter a major meat animal in order to earn the right to eat meat (prepared)
  • Final: Austerity measures should be approved by referendum (prepared)

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Berlin IV, Berlin, Germany, June 21-23 2013

Berlin IV, Berlin, Germany, June 21-23
  1. R1: THW forbid the Supreme Court to annul legislation.
  2. R2: THW ban fortune-telling for profit.
  3. R3: As an emerging nation, THW allow the manufacture and sale of generic drugs even in cases where patents or international treaties are infringed.
  4. R4: THW give security services total and unrestricted access to citizens’ data on social media and webmail services.
  5. Semi: THW introduce an immediate democracy. (Information slide: Immediate democracy is a method in which citizens can change their vote at any time. The number of MPs given to each party is allocated on a daily basis and represents the current support percentage of the population. In this system there are no elections, but the number of MPs from each party can change every day.)
  6. Final: THW support popular uprisings against dictators even in cases they are lead by Islamist extremist.
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GDPPC Open, Budapest, Hungary, June 21-23 2013

GDPPC Open, Budapest, Hungary, June 21-23
  1. R1: THBT tech companies should never share user information with governments.
  2. R2: In fighting prostitution, THW criminalize only the demand.
  3. R3: THBT Stark Industries should have open-sourced the Iron man suit.
  4. R4: THBT IMF should pay reparations to Greece.
  5. R5: THBT The New York Post shouldn't have published the photo (edit: showing a man about to be overrun by a metro and die)
  6. Semi: THW restart the Esperanto project.
  7. Final: THBT offenders with drug dependency should be sent into treatment rather than to prison.
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