Thursday, October 30, 2014

1st Macau BP Debate Open 2014

1st Macau BP Debate Open 2014

Round 1
This house would impose a sin tax on meat products.

Round 2
This house believes that all Macau high school students should undergo the same compulsory military training currently being imposed in Mainland China.

Round 3
This house would ban negative advertising campaigns by rival companies against their competitors
(Samsung vs Apple, Coke vs Pepsi).

Round 4
This house would no longer award the Nobel Peace Prize.

Round 5
This house would ban professional athletes who are criminally convicted from any involvements in all professional sports.

Quarter Finals
This house believes that the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong has failed

Semi Finals
In a democracy, This house would revoke access to healthcare from citizens who do not vote.

THBT children should be allowed to opt to leave their parents' home and choose to be taken care of by the state even if they are not suffering from any physical or psychological abuse by their parents.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NBC World Schools Invitational, Holy Cross School, New Orleans, LA October 2014

Round One : This House would make voting in national elections compulsory.

Round Two: This House believes that Internet users should be required to use their real names.

Round Three : This House supports media censorship during a time of political crisis.

Round Four: This House believes that we should grant overweight people the same protections from discrimination as other vulnerable groups.

Round Five: This would make financial literacy a requirement to access welfare.

Round Six: This House would pay teachers based on the academic performance of their students.

Round Seven: This House believes that public services are best run by private companies

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

San Diego State University October 2014

1) THS Ecoterrorist activities carried out directly against politicians and captains of industry that thwart attempts to address global climate change. 

2) THW out atheist politicians who conceal their unbelief. 

3) THW end the USA's military drone program. 

4) THW require faculty to include trigger warnings when covering topics that may cause trauma to students. 

5) THBT America has a moral obligation to accept all Central American refugees under age 18. 

S)THBT China should abandon the one country two systems policy. 

F) When it comes to working with Muslim allies, this house believes the West should work only with Sunni groups and countries in its bid to defeat ISIS.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Yale IV October 2014

1. TH opposes the American Charter School Movement.

2. TH would cooperate with any leader or regime to defeat non-state actors that systematically violate human rights.

3. This house regrets the rise of dating and other websites that allow people to rate others based on past romantic interactions (e.g. LuLu)

4. TH believes that institutional art credentials are bad for art.

5. TH, as an emerging democracy, would supress domestic media in favor of international media.

6. This House believes that universities and other stakeholders should primarily consider teaching ability rather than research output when awarding tenure and allocating academic funding.

Quarter-Finals - THW facilitate religous proselytization in areas of high socio-economic deprivation.

Semi Finals - THS the use of forced population transfers that create separate, ethnically homogeneous states as a solution to prolonged ethnic conflict.

Final - THBT, in the face of police repression, protesters have a right to non-lethal, but violent, proportional retaliation.

Europen Prepared Motions

Motions for EurOpen 2014:

Motion A:
THBT national central banks should set limits on governmental spending

Motion B:
THBT the USA should enter a military alliance with Assad to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria