Sunday, August 24, 2014

EUDC 2014 Zagreb Croatia

EUDC 2014, Zagreb, Croatia


1This house would pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child’s performance in school.
2This house supports two-party political systems over multi-party political systems.
3This house would ban international aid charities from using senational, graphic, or overly-emotional images of suffering in fundraising and advertising campaigns.
4This house believes that EU member states should nationalise all their oil and gas resources in order to surrender total ownership and control of them to an EU-run energy agency.
5This house believes that states of the former Yugoslavia should not commemorate the events of the Yugoslav Wars.For the purposes of this debate, ’Commemoration’ refers to state-supported national celebration or mourning of historical events or people.
6This house would introduce blind voting.Blind voting means voters indicate a series of preferences for policies rather than directly selecting a party. These preferences are then matched to the policies of political parties⁏ the voter is taken to have voted for the party that most closely matches their preferences.
7This house would require of police departments that the ethnic composition of their arrests match the ethnic composition of the population in their jurisdiction.
8This house believes that micro-finance organisations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively to women.Micro-Finance’ refers to small, long-term loans with no or extremely low interest rates, provided to individuals who seek to start a business.
9This house believes that states should hold binding national referendums on major peace agreements.
ESL Tie break motionThis house would make membership in a labour union compulsory for every worker.
ESL Quarter FinalThis house would require companies to place images of animal suffering on all products or food whose production harmed or killed animals.
ESL Semi FinalThis house believes that leaders of minority religions in Europe should strongly encourage their congregations to refrain from public displays of their faith.
ESL Final
Open Quarter FinalThis house believes that supreme/constitutional courts should not have the power to strike down legislation.
Open Semi FinalThis house believes that the United States of America should invade, and forcibly partition Iraq.
Open FinalThis House believes that feminist movement should oppose military interventions which claim to further women's rights