Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2nd Beijing Debate Open 2013, 22nd to 24th March 2013

2nd Beijing Debate Open 2013, 22nd to 24th March 2013, China University of Petroleum, Beijing

Test - Chinese Militarism:
THBT China should take possession the Daioyu Islands by force

Round 1 - Children and Sexuality:
THBT Disney should out one of the Disney Princesses

Round 2 - Environmentalism:
THW make environmental protection a legitimate defense in the prosecution of destruction of property

Round 3 - Academic Freedom:
THB in absolute freedom of speech in universities

Round 4 - China and Religion:
THBT China should discontinue the practice of naming heads of religious organisations

Round 5 - Medical Ethics:
THW allow the creation of donor siblings (aka saviour siblings)

Pre-quarter - Socio-legal:
THW criminalise the paying of ransom by families to kidnappers

Quarter - Development:
THBT developing countries should adopt one-party rule to multiparty democracy

Semi - Economics:
THBT the World Trade Organisation should declare agricultural subsidies to be unfair trade practices

Final - International Relations:
THW assassinate Bashar al-Assad

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4th East Asian IV Motions, 15-17 March 2013

4th East Asian IV Motions, 15-17 March 2013, University of Macau

R1: THBT movie and music awards do more harm than good for the industry
R2: THBT states should impose higher consumption taxes
R3: THBT democracies should ban the election of close family members of current or recent office-holders
R4: THW force treatment on the mentally ill
R5: THBT religious institutions and organizations should be denied access to television broadcast licenses
R6: THBT casinos should be required to pay for the treatment of gambling addicts
R7: THW financially reward people who post vids of serious crimes/police brutality on popular sites (FB, YouTube, RenRen)
Semis: Assuming feasibility, THW allow people to voluntarily erase their memories
Finals: THBT Israel should exempt from military duty its citizens who morally oppose the occupation of Palestine
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

International World Schools Debate Tournament Ljutomer March 2013

International World Schools Debate Tournament Ljutomer March 2013

Prepared debate motions
Bad democracy is the consequence of passive citizens. 1st round and the finals.
Governments should put a limit on individual energy use. 2 nd round
We support a United States of Europe. 5th round
The capitalist system is incompatible with a just society 6 th round
Egypt should follow a strict separation between religion and state. quarterfinals

»Impromptu debatne trditve«:
TH would ban private ownership of guns., 3.rd round
THW would allow parents to microchip their children without the child's consent, 4.th round
This House Believes that, in order to continue to eat meat, individuals should be required to slaughter a major meat animal. Seminafls
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7th Junior HKSDC Tournament prepared 2013

The prepared motions for the 7th Junior HKSDC Tournament are now out:

Round 2 Prepared: This house believes that Cantonese language classes should be taught in all schools in Hong Kong.

Round 3 Prepared: This House believes that sports stars should have a maximum salary.

Final: This House believes that freedom of expression is more important than religious sensitivities.
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Leiden Open, Leiden, Netherlands, March 22-23 2013

Leiden Open, Leiden, Netherlands, March 22-23
  1. R1: THW criminalize gang membership.
  2. R2: THBT adoption agencies should seek to place children in families with a similar culture to that of their biological parents.
  3. R3: THW require re-ratification of all international treaties, including the EU, by popular referenda every decade.
  4. R4: THBT the international community should treat espionage as a justification for military retaliation.
  5. R5: THW make it obligatory for the media to publish the story of the criminal.
  6. Semi and Novice Final: THBT the LGBT rights movement should abandon the ‘born this way’ campaign. (Info: ‘Some people believe that they were born LGBT, some LGBT people believe that it is a choice that they made. Currently, the LGBT movement uses being ‘Born this way’ as a way of legitimising equal rights.’)
  7. Final: In times of war, THBT relatives of civilians killed by the military occupation, should be able to sue the soldiers responsible for their relative’s death in civilian court.

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Feminism and Gender Tournament, Israel, March 21 2013

Feminism and Gender Tournament, Israel, March 21
  1. R1: THW ban marriage.
  2. R2: TH, which is a woman, would not make any cosmetic changes to her appearance, including but not limited to makeup, shaving, and plastic surgeries .
  3. R3: THW ban all presentations of the 10th commandment in all Israeli School systems.
  4. Final: TH, which is a female debater, would participate in next year's Glasgow Ancients.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nottingham Trent IV, Nottingham, England, January 2013

Nottingham Trent IV, Nottingham, England, January 12
  1. R1: THBT all components of the welfare state should be means tested
  2. R2: THBT feminists should support the death penalty for crimes of severe sexual assault in countries with extreme gender inequality
  3. R3: (Info Slide) THW ban the practice and use of all alternative therapies
  4. R4 TH, as the USA, no longer supports the right to bear arms
  5. Semi: THW not teach vocational subjects at universities
  6. Final: THW compel HIV infected people to disclose their HIV status to their sexual partners
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Regents’ IV, London, England, January 2013

Regents’ IV, London, England, January 13
  1. R1: THB the west should not recruit doctors from the developing world
  2. R2: THB student unions should not campaign on geo-political issues
  3. R3: THW ban religious based rehabilitation programs, regardless of how effective they may be
  4. R4: THW hold a referendum on the death penalty.
  5. Final: TH regrets the existence of mankind
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French Debating Association Tournament, first leg, France, January-February 2013

French Debating Association Tournament, first leg, France, January 24-February 28
  1. Pool A1: THW rather die before they get old.
  2. Pool D1: THBT books are obsolete
  3. Pool D2: THBT it is better to learn than to be taught
  4. Pool B1: THBT we should not let our schooling interfere with our education
  5. Pool A2: THBT we are clever enough to engineer our doom but not to prevent it.
  6. Pool C1: THBT Art is the highest achievement of humanity.
  7. Pool D3: THBT true friends stab you in the front.
  8. Pool B2: THBT technology is killing our work ethic
  9. Pool C2: THBT change is not progress
  10. Pool D4: THBT peace depends on fear
  11. Pool B3: THBT we should strive for immortality
  12. Pool A3: THBT limitation nurtures creativity
  13. Pool C3: THBT life is nasty, brutish and short
  14. Pool A4: THBT peace is only an illusion
  15. Pool B4: THW sooner befriend  an evil genius than a dull hero
  16. Pool C4: THBT uncle Sam is not a member of the family
  17. Pool D5: THBT banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than armies
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