Monday, February 24, 2014

USA Northeast Universities Debate Championship 2014

1. THW prohibit jurors from communicating with the media after a trial.

2. THW impose a 100% death/inheritance tax

3. THW abolish academic tenure in colleges and universities

4. In instances where peaceful protests are met with a disproportionately violent state response, THBT the protesters should respond violently.

5. You are a news organization. You have received credible and irrefutable evidence that President Obama has had an extra-marital affair while in office. THW conceal the evidence from the public

6. THBT the United States federal government should eliminate the reservation system for American Indian tribes.

Novice semifinals: THW legalize prostitution.

Novice finals: TH opposes diplomatic immunity.

Open quarterfinals: THBT the USA should immediately and unconditionally support the reunification of the Korean Peninsula under S Korea

Open semifinals: this House opposes the privatized distribution of water in the developing world

Open finals: THW legalize all drugs.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Point Loma Nazarene University, February 2014

R1: THBT the US should remove its blanket ban on negotiating with terrorists.

R2: THBT the federal government should match dollar for dollar the money they use to bail out corporations with money for social programs directed towards those below the poverty line.

R3: THBT Miley Cyrus is good for the feminist movement.

R4: THBT crime against animals that are members of an endangered species should be sentenced as if the animal were human.

R5: THBT it is unethical for corporations to use military imagery for advertising purposes.

R6: THBT in countries with social healthcare systems the government has no responsibility to cover the costs of medical procedures for individuals who do not take preventative measures to maintain their own health

SEMS: THBT in Egypt both current and former military officials should be barred from political office.

FINALS: THBT digital communication is more important to humanity than face-to-face contact.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hawaii Cup & Pan Pacific Championship, Honolulu February 2014

Motions Hawaii Cup 2014

This house would make mandatory drug testing a requirement for welfare benefits.

Semi-Finals: This house believes that civilian leadership should determine which military documents remain classified and which must be publicly disclosed.

Finals: This house would eliminate all university scholarships that are not based on financial need.

Motions Pan Pacific Championship 2014

1. This House believes that in areas with large indigenous populations all schools should have representation from those populations on curriculum committees

2. This House believes that every person in the world should have a say in where the Olympics are hosted

3. This House believes that legislatures should never pass laws dictating courses of action in regards to individuals of brain dead status

4. This House would permanently cancel the George Zimmerman / DMX Celebrity Boxing Match

5. Rather than public animal shelters euthanizing pure bred animals, this House would force private breeders to operate as no kill overflow shelters for all animals of every specific breed they sell

6. This House would unconditionally include Iran in the Geneva II Conference on Syria.

Semis: This house believes that Mexico would be better off as a full member of Mercosur rather than in NAFTA.

Finals: This house would prevent debate tournaments from using motions in which participants previously had personal traumatic experience.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

London School of Economics Open, February 2014

  • Round one: THBT Governments should not assist in the rebuilding of disaster prone areas
  • Round two: THR the existence of critic or professionally determined film awards, including the Academy Awards, Palme D'Or, and Sight and Sound's Top 10
  • Round three: THB that it is the West's interest for long term Brent Crud Oil prices to fall below US$60 per barrel
  • Round four: THB that the LGBT movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice
  • Round five: THB European Football leagues should aggressively redistribute income from successful to less successful domestic clubs
  • Open Quarter: THW criminalise its citizens from fighting in foreign conflicts 
  • ESL Semifinal: THBT the states of the Western Balkans should ban positive depictions of indicted or convicted war criminals
  • Open Semifinal: THB that majority liberal supreme courts should actively misapply constitutions in order to advance progressive rights
  • ESL Final: THW Financially Incentivise Inter-racial and Inter-faith Marriage.
  • Open Final: THR Jiyas use of the Burka

North American Women's Debate Championship, McGill, February 2014

Round 1 THW ban religious and ethnic parties from running for election in developing democracies

Round 2 Info Slide: Modern urban graffiti originated in the 1970s as a form of artistic counterculture propagated by low-income American youth who often used graffiti to protest capitalism, war, social conservatism, and other causes.
Today it is common for wealthy households and businesses in cities such as NYC and Toronto to pay for graffiti artists to decorate their garage doors, buildings and subway stations. Justin Bieber was recently caught spray painting graffiti of a penguin upon an Australian hotel wall. Banksy, a popular counterculture graffiti artist, has his artwork sold on t-shirts.
TH Regrets the Commercialisation and Mainstream Popularisation of Graffiti

Round 3 THB that NATO should maintain a standing army, to which all members must contribute a minimum number of troops

Round 4 Definition Slide: The “court of public opinion” refers to situations in which individuals are accused of wrongdoing, defended, and informally tried within public discourse rather than a court of law, and are subsequently treated differently based on society’s verdict(s). For example, Woody Allen is currently being tried within the court of public opinion.
This House Prefers a society with an active Court of Public Opinion to one without

Round 5 THW Ban Employers from Creating Contracts which Prohibit Employees from Expressing their Political Opinions Publicly

Semi-Final / Novice Final THBT it is in the interest of minority rights groups (e.g. LGBTQ, women, racial minorities) to join forces in common protest rather than separately advocate for their individual interests

Final Through NSA spy networks, this house – being the US Government – has determined that the largest of several Ukrainian opposition groups (UDAR) is imminently launching a violent coup against the Ukrainian Government.
THW warn the Ukrainian government.

Irish National Law Debates February 2014

Round 1 - THW directly elect public representatives by random lottery
Round 2 - THW remove all restrictions on sexual activities between mutually consenting adults
Round 3 - THW abolish trial by jury in criminal cases
Round 4 - THBT former colonial powers should not be involved in peacekeeping and nation-building in their former colonies
Round 5 - THW choose to believe in a god or gods
Semis - THBT when awarding artistic achievement, all aspects of the artist's personal lives should be ignored
Final - THBT the use of violence to advance the cause of disenfranchised sexual minorities and women in Russia is legitimate
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Ithaca College February 2014

1. THBT the state should financially incentivize the poor to not have children.

2. THS worldwide comprehensive and aggressive sanctions against countries that criminalize homosexuality

3. TH. as NATO, would use military force to prevent the further construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank

4. THW ban "union shops" and "agency shops"

5. THBT corporal punishment is a legitimage tool of the state's judicial apparatus

6. THBT feminists should reject all forms of body modification (cosmetic surgery, piercings, hair extensions, etc.)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Heart of Europe Prepared Motions 2014

The three prepared motions and the grand final motion for Heart of Europe 2014:

THBT the EU should offer tangible support to pro EU movements in eastern Europe and former Soviet States.


1. THW prohibit the privatization of natural resources in developing countries.
2. THBT, considering its role in the Holocaust, Germany should recognize a Palestinian state and urge Israel to do the same.
3. THBT the NSA should continue using PRISM despite the reaction to its disclosure.