Monday, October 21, 2013

Hart House/North Americans 2013

The Motions were:

Round 1: THW require all criminal defendants to use a government-provided lawyer.
Round 2: THW withhold Government funding from Indigenous Bands and Tribal Councils that do not have democratic forms of government
Round 3: THW aggressively prioritize the posting of female diplomats to countries with poor women's rights records
Round 4: THBT Pakistan should sincerely pursue peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban
Round 5: THW not grant developing countries the right to host major international sporting events

QF: THBT white entertainers should refrain from utilizing modes of expression (dances, etc.) that are primarily associated with minority cultures.

Info Slide: In the Agreement Accompanying the British Broadcasting Corporation's Charter, there is a requirement for all news or political programming to "do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality. This effectively results in a ban of editorialising.

Motion: THBT Major Daily Newspapers and TV News Channels should be required to treat controversial issues with due accuracy and impartiality

Novice Final: THW extend the right to vote in Israeli elections to all Jews everywhere - including those who live outside of Israel and who are not Israeli citizens

Final: THBT Religious Leaders should not endorse Political Candidates
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

US Universities National Open 2013

Preliminary debate motions provided by John Meany.

Motions Up To Round 8

1. This House would bail out Detroit.

2. This House supports the force feeding of incarcerated hunger strikers.

3. Eliminate adoption preference based on race and ethnicity.

4. The government should not promote home ownership.

5. US elected officials should not be subject to recall elections.

6. Individuals displaced by a conflict should have a right to emigrate to any country.

7. Individuals should not be allowed to represent themselves at trial.

8. Governments should establish methods to provide unconditional cash transfers to the poor.

SEMIFINALS: The Jury system does more harm than good.

FINALS: This House would eliminate inheritance.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Asian BP Champs October 2013

ABP 2013: List of Motions

  • Open GF. THBT military conscription should be regarded as a war crime
  • Open SF. THBT Southeast Asian nations should not help to stop the flow of asylum seekers to Australia
  • Open QF. Michael murdered his wife and 2 children. In his bid to escape the police, he fell and his his head. As a result of the fall, he lost all his memories after age 5. THW not convict Michael of any crime
  • EFL GF. THW ban all donations to religious organizations
  • EFL SF. THBT the US should reform its political system to encourage the creation of smaller parties
  • EFL QF. You are a doctor at an IVF clinic. A prominent conservative politician is at your clinic seeking IVF treatment. A 'gay gene' has been identified and one of the politician's embryo carries it. THW implant the gay embryo
  • R9. THW allow individuals to contract out of all basic employment provision in their contracts in return for increased wage
  • R8. THBT indigenous groups who live in geographically separate area should be given their own completely autonomous government
  • R7. THW prohibit financial settlements in lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies
  • R6. THBT media should never report on crimes intended to attract public attention
  • R5. THW ban Google from retaining users' data
  • R4. THBT Iran should take a leading role in the negotiation in Syria
  • R3. THW stop teaching classic literary works in favour of recently written text when teaching literature in school
  • R2. THW only prosecute the management, not the athlete, for usage of performance enhancing drugs
  • R1. THW ban all arranged marriage
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Binghamton University September 2013

From Prelims:
1. THW encourage nuclear proliferation.
2. THW drop all charges against Edward Snowden
3. THW remove the fillibuster
4. THW aggressively pursue green energy.
5. THW require WFAN to renew its contract with the Mets
6. THW allow internet users to sell their own personal information for profit.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

51st US Air Force Academy Tournament September 28-29 2013

Sharmila Parmanand & Josh Martin were the CAs.

1. THBT the forceable outing of homosexuals in professional sports is a legitimate tool for the gay rights movement.

2. THBT all patents on technology pertaining to renewable energy should be government owned.

3. THBT the West should actively include Iran in the resolution of the Syrian conflict.

4. THBT the women's rights movement should encourage women to forego childbirth.

5. THBT religions should adhere to public opinion polls.

6. THW force private schools to mirror the socioeconomic demographics of their state in their student body, providing financial assistance when necessary.

Quarters: THW transfer funding for the war on drugs to development aid for nations with drug producing problems. (approximate)

Semis: THBT Egypt will be better off with a secular authoritarianism than a democratic government. (approximate)

Final: THBT journalists who cover people in distress have a moral obligation to act as good samaritans.