Tuesday, October 13, 2015

US Universities National Debate Championships, Claremont College, 2015

All motions by John Meany

1. Disinviting college and university speakers does more good than harm.
2. Low-level offenders should have their fates determined by neighbors rather than traditional courts.
3. There should be no space missions without United Nations scientific approval.
4. The sharing economy does more harm than good.
5. Government should create public space on the Internet for social protest and political free speech.
6. This House would establish a universal passport.
7. The US federal government should bail out states and cities.
8. This House supports a permanent seat with veto power on the UN Security Council for Africa.
SEMIFINALS: Colonial powers should pay reparations for the Atlantic slave trade.
FINALS: The US federal government should rewrite its constitution every 25 years.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

First NBC Bank World Schools Invitational 2015, New Orleans


Rd 1 imp
This house has an unhealthy obsession with sport.

Rd 2 prep
THBT political parties in the USA should select their presidential candidates in a national primary.

Rd 3 prep
TH welcomes the arrival of advanced artificial intelligence.

Rd 4 imp
THW guarantee the amnesty of retired dictators

Rd 5 prep
THW require all isolated religious communities (eg. Hasidic Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.) to give all 18-year-olds a 'Rumspringa' [Amish tradition of sending off 18-year-olds to live in outside world for 1 year, after which they may chose to return or not]

Semifinals imp
This house would financially incentivize both inter-faith and inter-ethnic marriages.

Finals prep
THBT willingness to participate in publicly televised debates should be a prerequisite to run for elected office.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Air Force 2015

1. THW ban anonymity on the Internet.
2. THW no longer offer accreditation to colleges or universities that tightly integrate religious faith with academic learning
3. This House would leave existing fossil fuels in the ground.
4. This House believes that when news media shows visual representations of human suffering caused by other humans, it should be uncensored.
5. This House believes that Donald Trump has delivered the shock the American political system needs.
6. This House believes that states should eliminate their offensive military capabilities.
Quarterfinals: This House regrets the rise of the sharing economy.
Semifinals: This House would rather live in a post gender society.
Finls: This House would open all borders.