Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Canadian BP Championships 2013

Round #1: THS a lower income tax for women
Round #2: THW make it a criminal offense to materially and substantially enable the substance abuse problems of an addict.
Round #3: THB Canada should have boycotted the Commonwealth meeting Sri Lanka
Round #4: THO Prenatal testing for mental disabilities
Round #5: THB Walmart is good for America

Novice Shkordoff (refers to a front half bp round used as a tiebreaker between two teams): THW enact good Samaritan laws
Novice Final: THR the creation of the fat pride movement
Semi Final: THB the ICC should not have pursued any charges related to the 2006 post-election violence in Kenya.
Final: You are an average middle class person walking to work in the downtown of a major Canadian city. You have about one cup of coffee worth of change in your pocket. As you are walking, you see a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk. They are bundled up in clothing and therefore no personal details (gender, age, race etc.) are apparent to you. You cannot stop to talk to this person. All you can see is what is sitting on the ground in front of them. There is a hat with a couple of coins in it, and a cardboard sign that reads: "Homeless. Hungry. Please Help." THW give that person your change.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4th Hong Kong Debate Open 2013:

Motions for 4th Hong Kong Debate Open 2013:

R1) We, as the Iranian people, Would not give up our nuclear weapons ambition.

R2) A terrorist has planted highly lethal explosives within the US. The US has captured the terrorist and has tortured him for the locations of the bombs, but does not respond. The interogator states that the only remaning way to make the terrorist talk is to torture his children in front of the terrorist. In this situation,
THW make it official policy to torture the terrorist's family members for crucial information

R3) THBT governments of secular liberal democracies have an obligation to censor in parts or in whole Holy Scriptures which openly support violence and overt discrimination against minorities

R4) THW allow juries to return a verdict of non-guilty if they determine that they find the decision to be in the public interest

R5) In times of economic need, THBT states should sell and/or mortgage their national treasures and monuments

R6) THBT environmentalists should cooperate with corporations to achieve their goals

Octo) THBT developing nations that receive aid and have uneven levels of development should not be providing development aid to other countries

Quarter) THW abandon the system of voting Members of Parliament on a geographical basis and instead vote them on the basis of professions and interest groups

Semi) THBT the Palestinians should abandon their claim for an independent state and instead opt for a civil rights struggle

Final) THBT states should not instill nationalism through the education system

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oxford IV 2013

Provided by Oxford Union:

From our stunning and amazing CA Team.

Round 1: THW provide mobile teachers for the compulsory education of the children of travelling communities (e.g. Roma and Irish Traveller)
Round 2: THBT developed economies should collectively agree to impose radically redistributive tax codes
Round 3: THW ban the gender testing of athletes in sports
Round 4: THW require major polluters to open their borders to environmental refugees
Round 5: THBT national war memorials should commemorate the casualties on all sides of the conflict
Novice Final: THBT when courts sentence offenders, they should give considerable weigh to the views of the victims
ESL Semi: THBT political parties should adopt non-hierarchical organisational structures
ESL Final: THBT liberal democracies should cut all economic and military ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Open Quarter: THW, as a liberal democracy, restrict coverage of small-scale terrorist attacks
Open Semi: THBT identity-based social movements should not include in their movements allies who are not part of the identity group in question
Open Final: THBT the United States should dissolve its offensive military capabilities
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Huber Debates 2013, University of Vermont

Huber Debates 2013, University of Vermont, 100 teams


1. TH would prohibit the payment of human subjects in clinical research trials.

2. TH Believes That all forms of US foreign aid to South American countries should not be conditional on coca eradication efforts.

3. TH Would Replace all forms of welfare benefits with an unconditional livable annual income.

4. TH prefers a state without a written constitution.

5. TH Would subsidize feminist pornography.

6. This House would require morality clauses in the employment contracts of all public employees

THBT Palestinian organizations should actively campaign for Israeli citizenship over independent Palestinian statehood.

TH supports the unionization of prisoners.

THW allow prisoners to raise young children in prison

THBT Pope Francis I should publicly endorse Socialist political parties and candidates.
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8th HKSDPSC Junior Debating Championships 2013

Grand Final motions:

GOLD: THBT the USA should cease its drone programme.

SILVER: TH regrets the influence of Hollywood.

BRONZE: THBT team sport should be compulsory in secondary schools

CRYSTAL: THBT technology causes more good than harm.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

HWS Fall Classic 2013

HWS Fall Classic motions were:

1) In areas with exceptionally high crime rates, TBT vigilantism is justified.
2) THS the NSA's surveillance program.
3) THW ban non-reconstructive cosmetic surgery.
4) THBT human shields are a legitimate target in war.
5) THW subsidize newspapers.

SF: THW allow violent criminals to choose to undergo the Ludovico technique in exchange for a significantly reduced sentence. (There was an info slide defining the Ludovico technique)

Novice Final: THBT secluded religious communities should require their members to spend time in broader society.

Final: Given the technology, THW erase the memories of bad relationships.
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