Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vienna IV March 2013

The motions were:
Round 1: This House Believes That juries should only include individuals that are from the same socio-economic class as the defendant
Round 2: This House, in hindsight, would still have fought the 2003 war in Iraq
Round 3: This House Would, as an atheist, join an atheist church (definition: an atheist church is a congregation of non-religious people, who engage in singing, lectures and other activities. It also promotes the Manifesto for Atheists, which lists atheist virtues)
Round 4: This House Believes That school children in the UK should be taught that their country engaged in war crimes
Round 5: This House, as the heir to any European throne, would refuse to become a monarch
Round 6: This House Believes That women are morally justified in lying about their past experiences, abilities and future family plans at a job interview or application
Semi final: You are an emigrant from a poor and collapsing unnamed country. You are offered full and immediate citizenship from the United States and the European Union. The offers are the only two options you have and are mutually exclusive. You do not know where you will live in either Union. Your native and only language is not spoken in either. Motion: This House Would emigrate to the European Union.
Final: This House Would hold a referendum among all churchgoing Catholics to elect the new Pope rather than having Cardinals elect him

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