Wednesday, March 20, 2013

University of Macau March 2013

University of Macau

15-17 March 2013

R1: THBT movie and music awards do more harm than good for the industry
R2: THBT states should impose higher consumption taxes
R3: THBT democracies should ban the election of close family members of current or recent office-holders
R4: THW force treatment on the mentally ill
R5: THBT religious institutions and organizations should be denied access to television broadcast licenses
R6: THBT casinos should be required to pay for the treatment of gambling addicts
R7: THW financially reward people who post vids of serious crimes/police brutality on popular sites (FB, YouTube, RenRen)
Semis: Assuming feasibility, THW allow people to voluntarily erase their memories
Finals: THBT Israel should exempt from military duty its citizens who morally oppose the occupation of Palestine

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