Wednesday, March 20, 2013

LSE Open, London, England, February 2013

LSE Open, London, England, February 16-17
  1. R1: THBT Western Liberal Democracies should institute bans on their citizens visiting illiberal states whose economies depends on tourism
  2. R2: THW require prospective owners or large shareholders of sport clubs / teams to gain majority support from season ticket holders or other representatives of the fan base to complete their acquisition
  3. R3: THW make conscription a war crime
  4. R4: THW require close relatives of the homeless to pay their welfare costs to the extent that they can afford to do so
  5. R5: THW allocate state funding for the arts exclusively to new and original work, and never to reproductions of ‘great works’ or other old plays, opera, music, films or art
  6. Quarter: THBT the International Criminal Court should focus on indicting and prosecuting larger numbers of middle-to-low ranking suspects for war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide, rather than smaller numbers of high ranking suspects
  7. Semi: This House believes that the civil and criminal legal system has no business considering or regulating behaviour that exclusively occurs in online virtual worlds such as ‘Second Life’
  8. ESL Final: This House would allow pro-life organisations to offer to pay women considering abortions to carry the baby to term (assuming adequate child support services exist)
  9. Final: This House would support policies of ‘ever increasing political union’ – i.e. progressive political integration aimed at the distant goal of federal unification – amongst members of the League of Arab States

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