Wednesday, March 20, 2013

French Debating Association Tournament, first leg, France, January-February 2013

French Debating Association Tournament, first leg, France, January 24-February 28
  1. Pool A1: THW rather die before they get old.
  2. Pool D1: THBT books are obsolete
  3. Pool D2: THBT it is better to learn than to be taught
  4. Pool B1: THBT we should not let our schooling interfere with our education
  5. Pool A2: THBT we are clever enough to engineer our doom but not to prevent it.
  6. Pool C1: THBT Art is the highest achievement of humanity.
  7. Pool D3: THBT true friends stab you in the front.
  8. Pool B2: THBT technology is killing our work ethic
  9. Pool C2: THBT change is not progress
  10. Pool D4: THBT peace depends on fear
  11. Pool B3: THBT we should strive for immortality
  12. Pool A3: THBT limitation nurtures creativity
  13. Pool C3: THBT life is nasty, brutish and short
  14. Pool A4: THBT peace is only an illusion
  15. Pool B4: THW sooner befriend  an evil genius than a dull hero
  16. Pool C4: THBT uncle Sam is not a member of the family
  17. Pool D5: THBT banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than armies
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