Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Leeds Open, Leeds, England, March 2013

Leeds Open, Leeds, England, March 9-10
  1. R1: THW require internet users to disclose their identities
  2. R2: On the 10th Anniversary, TH does not regret the decision to invade Iraq.
  3. R3: TH, as the board of Zenit St. Petersburg, would preference players with Slavic ethnicity, in order to respect the wishes of the fans
  4. R4: THBT Conservative MPs should not have been given a free vote on the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill
  5. R5: THW require individuals to donate 75% of their annual income above £1 million to charity
  6. Novice Final: THW sentence repeat offenders to life imprisonment
  7. Semi: In post-conflict societies, THBT that justice is better served by TRCs (Truth and Reconciliation Committees) than by prosecution of perpetrators of attrocities other than the leaders
  8. Final: TH regrets the acceptance of Atheism in the form promoted by Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion

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