Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Royal Holloway Open, London, March 2013

Royal Holloway Open, London, England, March 17
Open motions picked by one of the teams in each debate round:
  1. R1: THW ban teenagers from using Facebook
  2. R1: THW choose immortality over fertility
  3. R1: THBT Simba should not go back
  4. R1: THBT Bilbo should have killed Gollum when he had the chance
  5. R1: THBT all politicians should be celibate
  6. R1: THW ban advertising
  7. R1: THBT charity is immoral
  8. R1: THW kill its best friend when s/he is about to become a zombie
  9. R2: THW build a second Deathstar
  10. R2: THBT children under 18 with close relatives who are victims of FGM should not be allowed to travel outside the EU
  11. R2: THW ban Google Glasses
  12. R2: THW discourage people with genetic diseases from having children and prioritise them in terms of adoption
  13. R2: THW replace juries with panels of philosophers who will decide cases purely on utilitarian grounds
  14. R2: THW not give aliens the vote (aliens live alongside humans 1 year from now)
  15. R2: THB feminists should oppose capitalism
  16. R2: THBT the feminist movement should oppose the banning of the burqa
  17. R3: THBT the Pope Francis should make an ex-cathedra statement to the effect that all Catholics must support socialism
  18. R3: THW give the Roma a homeland
  19. R3: THW build a deathstar
  20. R3: As an omipotent, omniscient god, THW smite people who commit serious crimes and who we know will feel no remorse
  21. R3: THW bring back public corporal punishment for smaller crimes
  22. R3: THW make higher education free
  23. R3: THW abolish the speaker tab
  24. R3: THW fully replace agriculture and fishing with stem cell production to produce food
  25. R4: THW require priests to report confessions that lead to criminal convictions
  26. R4: You are an Israeli nuclear submarine commander. You learn that Israel has been wiped out by an iranian nuclear strike. THW return Fire
  27. R4: THW link Job Seekers Allowance to previous income
  28. R4: THW not become a superhero
  29. R4: THW encourage replacing human body parts with advanced robotic counterparts
  30. R4: THW build 500,000 social homes in the London Greenbelt
  31. R4: THW wipe the memories of those convicted very serious crimes and replace them with more positive memories
  32. R4: THW require universities to increase funding for classics and deprioritise funding for popular culture choices
  33. Final: In world that has eradicated racism, THW prefer that people were/were not able to recognise differences in physical appearance

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