Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bucharest Universities Debating Cup, March 2013

Bucharest Universities Debating Cup, Bucharest, Romania, March 16-17 (translated)
  1. R1: THBT the Romanian state should cut all ties to all churches
  2. R2: THW abolish the institution of the criminal record
  3. R3: In a run-off for the Romanian Presidency, HW rather vote for Gigi Becali than Corneliu Vadim Tudor (Romanian extremist politicians)
  4. R4: THW fight for the reunification of Romania with the Republic of Moldova
  5. R5: Given easily accessible technology to choose the sex of a future child, THW give financial stimulants to parents that choose to have girls
  6. Novice final: THW ban the popular vote in talent shows:
  7. Semi: THW pardon Bashar al-Assad for all his crimes in exchange for him stepping down from power
  8. Final: THBT in times of economic recession, European states, don't spend enough

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