Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Berlin-Brandenburgischen-Meisterschaften, Berlin, Germany, March 2013 (translated)

Berlin-Brandenburgischen-Meisterschaften (Championships), Berlin, Germany, March 16 (translated)
  1. R1: Should corporations be forced, in case of layoffs, to always lay off those workers with the best chances on the labour market?
  2. R2: Should the prosecution and defence in criminal cases no longer be able to make deals?
  3. R3: Should a word, that one group feels is discriminating, no longer be used by that same group either?
  4. R4: Should secret services produce pictures of despots that change their reputation and distribute those in the countries of these despots?
  5. Final: Should a state be excluded from the EU when its politics go against the basic values of the EU?

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