Thursday, April 25, 2013

US Universities Debate Championship April 2013

US Universities Debate Championship April 2013

Final motion, Whilst recognizing that life begins at conception, still approve of a woman's right to choose. approximate wording.

Semifinal, THW give nuclear weapons to South Korea.

Quarterfinals THBT when writing a constitution new democracies should not include a separation of church and state.

Octos motion: THBT governments should implement protectionist policies in favor of environmentally friendly foreign companies rather than non-environmentally friendly domestic ones.

Round 6: THW make the Pope "ersona non grata" outside of the Vatican until it opens itself to unrestricted external investigation.

Round 5: THBT the actions of female vigelantes in oppressive patriarchal societies are legitimate.

Round 4: THB that the US should offer campaign financing to pro-capitalist candidates in South American elections.

Round 3: THW ban cosmetic Anglicisation procedures.

Round 2: Thw create a global market for citizenship, such that individuals can sell their existing citizenship and buy a new one.

Round 1: The belief of this house is that universities should have a no platform policy for extremist speakers on campus.


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