Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DCU Open, Dublin, Ireland, April 5-6 2013

DCU Open, Dublin, Ireland, April 5-6 2013
R1: THW allow individuals to opt out of employment provisions relating to health and safety in return for increased pay
R2: THW allow sex offenders to choose to undergo castration in return for a considerably shorter sentence
R3: THW ban serving military generals from talking to the media
R4: THBT children in the West Bank should be educated in integrated schools (integrated school is one where students sit in the same classroom and share all facilities irrespective of background (including religion, culture or ethnicity))
R5: THBT in reducing its budget deficit, Ireland should prioritise cutting welfare to an absolute minimum rather than increasing taxes and cutting services
Semi: TH,as the US Republican Party,would end the use of primaries to select their presidential nominee
Final: TH supports Belfast City Council's decision to restrict the flying of the Union Jack outside Belfast City Hall

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