Thursday, April 25, 2013

1st Hangzhou Debate Open 2013 Debate Motions 12th to 14th April

1st Hangzhou Debate Open 2013 Debate Motions ( 12th to 14th April)

Any of the 12 Motions below will be used for Round 1 to Round 6, the Semi Final and the Grand Final of the 1st HzDO2013.

1. This House believes that feminists should not make any cosmetic changes to their appearance, including but not limited to makeup, shaving, and plastic surgeries.

2. This House would ban the teaching of the story of Madam White Snake in Chinese high schools.

3. Knowing that 65% of scholarship winners in China are females, This House believes that China should set up all-males high schools.

4. This House would return all national treasures to their countries of origin, provided they sincerely commit to preserve and display them.

5. Assuming a pill exists to prevent you falling in love, Thia House would take that pill.

6. This House would withdraw all state benefits including healthcare from the voluntarily unemployed.

7. This House would make access to museums, art exhibitions, concerts, attractions, etc, free for people earning less than a certain wage.

8. This House would ban teachers from communicating with school children on online social networking sites (Renren).

9. This House would allow to participate in general election only those people with IQ above a certain level.

10. This House would abolish the keeping of criminal record by the State.

11. This House would ban the public from voting in talent shows.

12. This House would discourage people with genetic diseases from having children and prioritise them in terms of adoption.

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