Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HWS/IDEA Round Robin 2013 Motions

Round 1 Motion: THW allow legislation through voter initiated referenda.

Round 2 Motion: THW establish a US federal court with the authority to approve targeted killings of unlawful combatants.

Motion for round 3: THW prohibit provincial and local governments from offering tax incentives to lure corporations to open business in their domain.

Info slide for round 4: For the purposes of this motion, “stopping the aging process” implies that people’s bodies would cease to age after reaching 35 years old, and so people would have no upper limit to their natural lifespan. It does NOT imply that people would not die of disease or injury that might befall them.

MOTION for ROUND 4: THBT the discovery of a means to stop the human aging process would be a curse to humanity.

ROUND 5 MOTION: THBT governments should use corporal punishment instead of incarceration for a significant number of crimes.

FINAL ROUND MOTION: THW use diversity quotas for university admissions.

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