Thursday, April 25, 2013

Estonian Open, Tartu, Estonia, April 12-13 2013

Estonian Open, Tartu, Estonia, April 12-13
  1. R1: THW provide the disabled access to sex workers as part of national health care
  2. R2: THW pay mercenaries to assassinate Kim Jong-un.
  3. R3: THBT governments should actively discourage consumerist lifestyles
  4. R4: TH regrets the EU Troika’s reliance on mainly austerity measures as a solution for at risk Eurozone economies.
  5. R5: THW make failure to render reasonable assistance to a person in distress a criminal offence.
  6. Semi: THBT feminist organisations should not use nudity as a tactic for pursing their aims
  7. Final: TH Regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy.

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