Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 IDEA Asia Karl Popper Debate Championship

AKPDC rounds 1, 2, quarterfinals:
Developing countries should cease efforts to crack down on digital piracy 
AKPDC rounds 5, 6, final:
Access to the internet should be considered a fundamental human right

AKPDC Round 3: The Internet and lifestyles
  • Fan pages or websites that glorify mass killers, rapists and other people who do bad things should be banned
  • Parents should be given full access to their children’s social networking accounts
  • Websites that advertise brides from overseas should be banned

AKPDC Round 4: The Internet and crime
  • Governments should hire hackers to track down cyber-criminals
  • Governments should pay their citizens to put up videos of police brutality on social networking sites
  • Online gambling should be allowed everywhere
AKPDC Octos: The Internet and International Relations
  • Online whistle-blowers (such as Wikileaks) have done more harm than good
    Context: Wikileaks is a non-profit, online organisation that publishes secret information and media leaks from anonymous sources
  • States have the right to turn off the internet during times of crisis/conflict/disaster
  • Democratic states should actively assist locals in oppressive regimes to breach internet restrictions
AKPDC Semis: The Internet and privacy
  • Online anonymity should be abolished
  • States should be able to monitor internet usage of individuals suspected of criminal activity
  • States should create an online public database of criminals

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