Thursday, April 25, 2013

HSE Open, Moscow, Russia, April 13-14 2013

HSE Open, Moscow, Russia, April 13-14
  1. R1: THW legally bind children to take care of their parents once the parents reach old age.
  2. R2: This house would erect a memorial statue for President Ronald Reagan in the red Square.
  3. R3: TH, as a feminist, would marry a closeted homosexual in order to help him keep his sexual identity secret.
  4. R4: THW, as Russia, offer all Western European millionaires a low tax asylum and full Citizenship in the Russian federation.
  5. R5: THW abolish NATO
  6. Semi: THBT the state should never ever fund the arts or cultural activities.
  7. Final. You are a member of the Pussy Riots. You are presented with a fail safe plan to runaway from prison and start a relatively comfortable life in the west. THW stay in prison.

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