Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dutch National Championships, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, April 20 2013

Dutch National Championships, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, April 20 (translated)
  1. R1: THW ban all beauty pageants
  2. R2: THW abolish all exceptions to the military draft on the basis of religion, sexual orientation or gender in democratic countries that have a compulsory military draft
  3. R3: THW abolish the statute of limitations for serious crimes
  4. R4: THW use military force to destroy North Korea’s nuclear facilities
  5. R5: Infoslide: Greek state debts accumulate to 350 billion Euros at the moment, this is unmanageable/harmful  for the economy, European economic norms deem debts at about half this amount as manageable/healthy. Rich Greeks own a total of 600 billion Euros. Motion: THW bring the Greek debt back to healthy European standards by a one-off wealth taxation of Greek’s rich.
  6. Quarter: Infoslide: Older employees are considered too expensive during economic crises, their salary is set by a combination of collective labour agreements between employer unions and labour unions through the setting of both sector minimum wages and sector increases in wages.  Motion: THBT Dutch labour unions should agree to a structural decrease in pay for older employees
  7. Semi: Infoslide: Criminals are (sometimes) offered a second chance after serving their sentence. They are given a new identity, old records are wiped and they are sometimes offered plastic surgery. Motion: THW offer all citizens, upon request, a second chance
  8. Final: After a military intervention to bring down a dictator, THW put a new dictator in place who is the best possible candidate

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