Monday, November 2, 2015

Hong Kong Open 2015

R1 THBT MNCs should hire/appoint persons under 35 for at least 30% of positions in their Boards of Directors and upper management.
R2 THBT feminists should support ‪#‎ShoutYourAbortion‬(#ShoutYourAbortion is a viral hashtag meant to encourage women to speak up about their abortions)
R3 THBT the West should replace Saudi Arabia with Iran as its primary partner in the Middle East
R4 THBT the state should provide poor students with full scholarships and pay them at least the minimum wage to get college degrees as a major part of its poverty alleviation strategy
R5 TH regrets the strategy of publicly shaming people for microaggressions (microaggression refers to a subtle but offensive comment or action directed at a minority or other nondominant group)
R6 THBT the Association of Southeast Asian Nations should sanction its members for environmental disasters that have international effects
Octos: THBT states should financially incentivize inter-ethnic marriages
Qtrs: TH regrets the dominant narrative of women as nonviolent and vulnerable in conflicts and humanitarian crises
Semis: THW ban religious proselytization in public places
GF: THBT individuals should vote for the candidate they most prefer regardless of that candidate's chances of winning


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