Monday, November 16, 2015

Tilbury House 2015

Tilbury House 2015 (November 6th - 8th)
R1: THW fine news organisations who consistently fail to meet a standard of fair and balanced reporting
R2: THW require gaming companies to offer their products free of charge to women, in cases where there is a significant gender disparity in consumption.
R3: THW abolish and ban all agricultural subsidies in the European Union
R4: Assuming you would not be found out, in the event of a terrorist attack on EU soil committed by Islamist extremists THW fabricate evidence that the attack was committed by the dominant ethnic and socio-economic group, e.g. white Anglo-Saxons
Semis: THW impose sanctions on Erdogan’s AKP government
Finals: THBT the concept of “safe spaces” has no place in any academic activity or environment.

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