Monday, November 16, 2015

Imperial Open 2015

Imperial Open 2015 (October 31st)
R1: Infoslide: In the USA, fan interest in college sports regularly exceeds that of the professional game. Every year $3 Billion is spent on over 500,000 college athletic scholarships by universities. It is estimated that there is an average shortfall of $3,000 despite the scholarship that students have to cover themselves without the ability to work a second job. Players may have their scholarship revoked for injuries that happen. The profits from the football/basketball programs are often the centre of the university’s business model. Motion: THW compel colleges to pay athletes as professionals
R2: Infoslide: The Schengen zone, encompassing most EU countries, is an area within which mutual borders are open without the requirement for passport checks. It does not include the UK and Ireland. Motion: THBT the EU should enforce freedom of movement within current Schengen countries
R3: Infoslide: Lean In feminism says women ought to: not hold back from your career development because of future plans to start a family; adopt traditionally masculine qualities at work e.g. being assertive at meetings; demand that your partner do their fair share of the work at home.Motion: TH supports Lean In feminism
R4: THW ban adoption agencies which select families on religious grounds
Semis: THBT states should strive to reduce inequality even after everyone has enough for an acceptable quality of life
Finals: THW allow students to vote on the curriculum they are taught in schools

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