Monday, November 16, 2015

Roosevelt Open 2015

Roosevelt Open 2015 (24th-25th October)
R1: infoslide: A prenuptial agreement ("prenup" for short) is a written contract created by two people before they sign a relationship agreement or get married. A prenup typically lists all of the property each person owns (as well as any debts) and specifies what each person's property rights will be should the relationship contract end or marriage breakdown. Motion: THW require all couples entering into a relationship contract or marriage to write a pre-nup agreement
R2: Infoslide: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a proposed international financial institution which is focused on supporting infrastructure construction in the Asia-Pacific region. The bank was proposed by the government of China and is seen by many to be competitor to the World Bank and IMF. Motion: THBT Eurozone states should aim to join the AIIB in addition to the IMF and ECB
R3: THBT those who live in states that suffer rampant corruption should evade tax
R4: Infoslide: The African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, the American Convention on Human Rights (the Americas) and the European Convention on Human Rights are all examples of regionally specific human rights regimes. They contain bodies of rights that have similarities with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights but differ on some aspects. For example, the African Charter includes provisions for the protection of indigenous peoples. These regimes have been criticised by the West, for example the Arab Charter which has been said to be; “incompatible with international standards for women’s, children’s and non-citizens’ rights, and in that it continues to equate Zionism with racism.” Motion: THS the proliferation of regionally specific human rights regimes, despite their variation from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
R5: THW lie to, or withhold information from the public about the nature or existence of threats where evacuation would be impossible or dangerous
Semis (and Novice Final): THBT entry to university degrees with high-earning career outcomes should be conditional upon students doing two mandatory years of non-military national service after graduation
Finals: Infoslide: The Indonesian killings of 1965-66 was a series of events triggered by an attempted coup by the right wing forces in Indonesia against the then left wing sitting President Sukarno. With the help of the West, including the CIA, the right wing leader President Suharto took charge in Indonesia and in the following 6 months to a year, the new government sought out Communists and left wing supporters and murdered and tortured them. 500,000 people are estimated to have been killed during the massacre and most of the perpetrators who carried out the killings have never faced trial and live essentially normal lives. In the 30 years that followed, President Suharto’s regime attempted to erase the killings from Indonesian history. A survey published by the Jakarta Globe in 2009 showed that more than half of the respondents comprising university students in Jakarta had never even heard of the mass killings. Suharto’s regime eventually fell in 1998 but the right still holds power in Indonesia. This coming November, an International People’s Tribunal on 1965 Crimes Against Humanity in Indonesia is to be set up at The Hague to investigate the killings. The Tribunal will not have the power to try anybody but, rather, to issue general declarations about events and moral culpability. Motion: THS the establishment of the International People's Tribunal on the 1965 Crimes Against Humanity in Indonesia.


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