Monday, November 16, 2015

Kyiv Open 2015

Kyiv Open (October 31st - November 1st)
R1: THW aggressively financially incentivize the enrollment of female students in programs of study with disproportionately low female enrollment.
R2: THW legalize squatting (occupation of unoccupied buildings for driven initiatives.
R3: THW allow medical professionals to opt out of performing procedures or treatments on the basis of conscious.
R4: THBT government should not subsidies any art.
R5: In a country with free and fair elections THW make leading politicians (for example ministers and presidents) salaries equal to the highest earners in the private sector.
Semis: Infoslide: The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, stating that it is possible to achieve upward social mobility, prosperity and success if you work hard enough. Motion: TH regrets the American Dream.
Final: Infoslide: For the sake of this debate, mind-reading machines are machines that give the user unrestricted access to another individual's memories and thoughts. The machine only works if the user has physical access to the person being read. Motion: THW give law enforcement agencies the right to use mind-reading machines.

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