Monday, November 16, 2015

Oxford IV 2015

Oxford IV 2015 (November 13th - 14th)
R1: Infoslide: Religious Schools supplement state curricula with religious activities such as prayer or the discussion of religious texts. Teaching is sometimes performed by religious leaders. Motion: THW Ban Religious Primary and Secondary Schools
R2: Infoslide: The majority of US immigration visas are granted in order to reunify current legal US residents with their overseas parents, spouses, or children. Motion: THBT US immigration policy should only prioritise merit-based standards of acceptance over the reunification of families.
R3: Infoslide: Many countries increase punishments for crimes if those crimes are committed with an established prejudiced motive. These are called 'penalty enhancements for hate crimes'. Motion: THW end penalty enhancements for hate crimes.
R4: THBT Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
R5: THW allow opponents of abortion to sign legally-binding contracts with pregnant women, in which they pay those pregnant women not to have an abortion.
Open Quarters: THR the rise of megacities (cities of over 10 million people)
ESL Semis: THW accept ‘I was only following orders’ as a defence in war crimes trials
Open Semis: THBT after 50 years of ownership, the state should have the right to repossess all works of painting or sculptures for the purpose of public display
Novice Finals: THW create and enforce filial responsibility laws (mandating that people take care of their parents)
ESL Finals: THR the institutions of marriage and civil partnership
Open Finals: Infoslide: A new planet has been discovered identical to earth. One of two systems can be implemented on this planet Motion: THW implement Communism over Capitalism.

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