Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zeit Debatte Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany, November 22-24 2-13 (translated)

Zeit Debatte Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany, November 22-24 (translated)
  • R1: THW make purchasing sexual services punishable by law. Info: Adults over 18 are allowed to prostitute themselves, get social security and sue for compensations. Bans can be imposed against prostitution in specific areas or at specific times. Pimping is not illegal as long as the work environment offered is suitable and the prostitute is not exploited
  • R2: THBT religion is redundant.
  • R3: THW return artworks stolen or expropriated by the Nazis, without regard to property rights, laws and statutes of limitation that might block such a return (info and here)
  • R4: THW go on a treasure hunt
  • R5: THW ban temp agency contracting (Leiharbeit, Arbeitnehmerüberlassung, Zeitarbeit, Mitarbeiterüberlassung oder Personalleasing)  
  • Semi: THW spread asylum seekers over EU countries on the basis of their relative population sizes
  • Final: THW abolish the federalist system in Germany

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