Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15th SSE Riga IV 2013

The CA's where Stephanie Bell & Clive Eley, here's the motions:

R1: Infoslide: "sin tax" is a tax on the consumption of products that governments are reluctant to ban, but understand to be harmful
Motion: THW introduce a sin tax on all meat products
R2:THW not provide rebuilding funds to citizens above the poverty line who live in known natural disaster areas
R3:THW establish an easily performed procedure for individuals to delete the entirety of their internet and social media footprint
R4:TH supports the Ukrainian government decision to make a trade deal with Russia rather than seek integration with the EU
R5 (fake): THW ban the use of animals in advertising
R5:THW return all ill-gotten artworks and valuable historical artifacts to the communities of their origin
Semifinal: THBT violent protest is a legitimate strategy in democratic societies
Novice final: THW not give jail time to criminals who do not pose an ongoing violent threat to society
Grand Final: THS unlimited human body enhancement in all areas of life

Also our Grand Final video is excellent quality and perhaps worth sharing as a debate resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTDYQdkSYx4

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