Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cork IV, Cork, Ireland, November 29-30 2013

Cork IV, Cork, Ireland, November 29-30
  • R1: THBT once artists earn enough to constitute a comfortable wage, they have a duty to make their work freely available
  • R2: THBT Libya should repeal its ban on senior members of the Gaddaffi Regime (military and civil) from holding positions in government
  • R3: THW force violent offenders to undergo theLudovico technique
  • R4: THBT developing countries should use policies such as permits to restrict rural to urban migration
  • R5: THW allow Pro-Life organisations to pay women currently considering having an abortion to carry the pregnancy to term
  • Semi and Novice Final: TH supports the actions of Anonymous and other such vigilante groups
  • Final: Assuming you would not be found out, in the event of a terrorist attack on US soil, committed by Islamist extremists THW fabricate evidence that attack was committed by dominant ethnic and socio-economic group, e.g. white Anglo-Saxons

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