Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Warsaw Open December 2013

Round 1: THW eject national sports teams from international competitions if their fans or players are found to have committed racist or fascist acts during matches
Music: Los Fastidios - Antifa Hooligans

Round 2: THBT in developed countries the minimum wage should guarantee a middle class lifestyle
Music: The Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job

Round 3: THW stop all research into differences between the male and female brain
Music: Ciara - Like A Boy

Round 4: THBT Pope Francis should openly endorse radical left political parties and candidates
Music: Bejarano & Microphone Mafia - Bella Ciao

Semi: THW only hold gay pride parades with the consent of the local community
Music: Los Fastidios - You'll Never Walk Alone

Final: THW immediately lift all sanctions on Iran
Music: Rammstein - Amerika
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