Monday, December 9, 2013

Brandeis IV December 2013

Round 1. THB that children should be banned from attending religious services

Round 2. THB that the use of chemical weapons in a defensive capacity against enemy combatants should not be a war crime.

Round 3. THW criminalize the possession and use of Bitcoins.

Round 4. THW make government assistance to historically marginalized cultural groups contingent on policies to combat traditional gender inequality.

Round 5. THB that all universities should create separate career tracks for teaching and research.

Round 6. THB that the National Football League should issue automatic lifetime bans to players convicted of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Quarterfinals: THW require the state to compensate individuals who face criminal prosecution but are found not guilty.

Semifinals: THBT Germany should renew the ban on the publication of Mein Kampf

Finals: THBT the LGBTQ movement should not take a position on whether sexual preferences are a choice
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