Saturday, December 14, 2013

UCU Open, Utrecht, Netherlands, November 29-30 2013

UCU Open, Utrecht, Netherlands, November 29-30
  • R1: THW, assuming it were feasible to enforce, support a global inheritance tax of 100% on all cash and assets beyond the first €5000 (and substantial taxes on high-value gifts during one's lifetime)
  • R2: THBT the citizens of countries under military occupation of a western liberal democracy should be granted the right to vote in the elections of that occupying state!
  • R3: THW give men more paid parental leave than women and force them to take it
  • R4: THW allow people (including companies) to give the police money in exchange for new or increased efforts in a specified area of legitimate law enforcement
  • R5: THW place a sin tax to low-brow entertainment in order to subsidize high-brow art
  • Semi: THW appoint a group of relevant charities (e.g. Environmental charities) to cast votes in general elections on behalf of future citizens
  • Final: You are a dutch person. THBT you should campaign against Zwarte Piet and should routinely condemn it as a racist institution

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