Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ateneo IV 2015

We'd like to thank all those who participated in this year's Ateneo Intervarsity. Thank you as well to the walk-in judges who took the time to drop by and help. Congratulations to AHS A ( Luigi AlcanesesHans Gonzalez) for winning the high school break and the Idol Squad ( Leloy ClaudioVinny Tagle) for winning the main break. Congratulations as well toGlenn Tuazon and Leloy Claudio for being the co-best speakers of the tournament!
Round 1 - THW ban all fraternities and sororities
Round 2 - TH supports the use of religion-based tools in campaigning for sexual rights
Round 3 - THW elect the President and Vice-President jointly
Round 4 - THBT states should pursue wildlife tourism instead of trophy hunting
Round 5 - THBT academic institutions should not tolerate any overall positive portrayal of Marcos by their academic staff and guest speakers
Round 6: THBT liberal democracies should abandon economic sanctions as a tool in international relations
Octofinals - THW allow individuals to choose to donate 50% of the taxes they owe to the state to charities or non-profit organizations
Quarterfinals - THW restrict property development in favor of preserving the visual dominance of cultural sites
Semifinals - TH regrets the rise of the automated workforce
Finals - THBT liberal democracies should financially incentivize parents to raise their children in a secular environment

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