Sunday, August 30, 2015

Commonwealth Open, Day 1 Motions

Motions from day 1 of the Commonwealth Open
(brief note... We tried to give credit to adj cores when we used their motions. We won't have done a perfect job of this, and I'm sure some of the ideas we thought were unique and brilliant were run somewhere before, but we figured it made sense to give credit when we knew it was due). Round 5, quarters, semis and finals are tomorrow and I'll post motions when it's all said and done.
Round 1: Media
1. THW ban media sources from taking institutional stances on the innocence or guilt of people who have been charged with a crime, but not yet convicted or aquitted
2. That journalists and media organisations who cover conflicts should be required to render reasonable assistance to the victims, even where it directly jeopardises their coverage *credit to Australs 2015 Org Comm
3. THBT willingness to participate in publicly televised debates should be a prerequisite to run for elected office
Round 2: Medical Ethics
1. THR the medicalization of sex (e.g. search for female viagra, creation of sex enhancement drugs, etc)
2. In the US (and many other WLD’s), therapists are legally required to report any patients who reveal pedo symptoms to the police, even if the patient has not acted on these urges (physical contact, viewing CP). THW repeal these requirements
3. THW abolish the 20 year patent monopoly awarded to pharmaceutical companies upon the invention of new drugs/medicines
Round 3: Art
1. THWP that large contemporary art institutions preference the display of obviously highly technical artwork instead of art which does not appear to require such technical skill
2. THBT The Texas Muhammad Art Exhibit and similar acts of religious defamation should be treated as hate speech
3. THBT important characters in movies and television should be portrayed by actors of the same ethnicity *Credit to UADC 2010 ORG COM
Round 4: Feminism
1. TH, as a progressive female candidate, would not use conventional gender roles (eg, marketing oneself as a mother, as a wife) as a tactic in political campaigns *QDU Highschool 2015
2. THBT Professional Womens Sports Leagues and National Womens teams should never hire or select men for coaching or executive positions
3. THBT male feminist allies should not take open positions of prominence in the fight for gender equality

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